This is NOT a course in methods of outwitting honest police, the FBI or our courts. We are not criminals; we are patriots – resistance fighters for support of honest government, courts and police!

Unfortunately, too many young patriots who rush out without thinking to do what they can to stop Jew-Communist treason and race-mixing find themselves fighting – not the enemy – but policemen! Sometimes the patriots have actually broken the law. In any case, they develop a hatred of "cops", the "fuzz", etc. They permit this hatred to interfere with their efforts to fight the real enemy – the Communist-Zionist Jew traitors and race-mixing agitators. Often, they become almost paranoiac about the "cops", FBI, etc., and see shadows around every corner. By their guilty, sneaky actions, they force the police to conclude that patriots are the very "wild men", "bigots" and criminal men of violence the Jews claim about us.

I have achieved what often appears to be miraculous success against everything the enemy has been able to throw at us in courts and jails over five years now – solely because I have refused to be stampeded into fighting the wrong enemy.


The main enemy is the Communist-Zionist, race-mixing Jew! The secondary enemy is the gang of Communist nigger agitators who are working under the direction of these criminal Jews to create riots and bloodshed to start the Communist revolution in America. And finally, at the end of the list, is the savage, stupid mobs of black, jungle animals, now raging and terrorizing White Men and Women in our streets as a result of Jew agitation.

The enemy, the evil Jews and niggers who seek to destroy our great American Constitutional Republic and the White Race which built it, are sneaks, cowards and weaklings. They can't really fight, except as a pack of jackals or snakes lying in wait. They are not men of real force, as were our warrior ancestors. The only way they can beat us is to get us fighting each other, as they have unfortunately been able to do for centuries. Since they have no real force of their own, the Jews buy it with their gold. With their control of press, TV, and economy, they get control of White, Christian, sell-out politicians like Johnson and thousands like him in towns and cities all over America.

These politicians control the police departments, and politicians in the Justice Department (like "Bobby" for instance) control the FBI. They then use this control to make honest policemen and FBI agents into troops of the Jewish-Nigger Revolution.

If you allow yourself to be sucked into fighting the policemen, instead of the dirty s.o.b. politicians and Jews who wrongfully and wickedly control them, you play right into the hands of the enemy. You are fighting your own people again!


Don't do it – no matter what the provocation! I have come to know hundreds of policemen and FBI agents, many of whom came out like wolves at first to "get me". They are just as easily led to hate us as we them, by the Jew liars. But by having iron self-control and being super reasonable with these officers, I have been able to win most of them over and help them understand how foully they are being used by rotten politicians. They may still have to arrest and prosecute me. But there is a hell of difference, when they understand you, like you and respect you, than when they believe the Jew-lies that you are a crazy, hate-filled criminal such as they see in the jails all the time. Act like a hood to a cop – and you will be treated like a hood. Act like a just, honest and fearless patriot, a man with honor, courage and gentlemanly forbearance, and you will take the policeman's soul away from the politicians and Jew liars.

A policeman still must follow orders, however. If the local Jew merchants on Main Street force the mayor in your town to order the policemen in his force to grab you and prosecute you, the professional policemen will have only two choices, no matter how foul the "charges": (1) he can resign in protest, or (2) he can obey the orders to arrest you and throw you in jail.


Now your first principle in learning to survive this kind of rotten "legal" persecution and beat it, year in and year out, is to understand it. Most law enforcement officials know no other way to earn a livelihood, and usually have families and kids to support. When faced with resigning to save you, or carrying out their orders, most of them will go all the way to save their jobs, short of perjury. And you can't really blame them too much. If any cop did resign, another would take his place, perhaps a Jew or nigger. And so you can expect that good policemen will often arrest and jail you.

But you must start right now to make yourself understand in your heart that the policeman is not the enemy (unless he actually beats you, etc. – which he is not required to do). I have come close to beatings several times, particularly in Southern jails where the jailers actually believed I was a Communist race-mixer, believe it or not, but I have never yet gotten a beating by a cop!

I repeat, Principle One is: Do not get sucked into fighting the cops!

This course will teach you your rights, and to respect the law and the system set up for justice in America. A huge man attacked by a baby does not get hysterical and lash out at the baby, or any number of babies. When you know what you are doing, and are absolutely sure of yourself and your rights, you will feel sorry for unprofessional and stupid police officers who try to horrify you, scare you and bully you. And your attitude of quiet, professional competence in the presence of unprofessional policemen will make them feel crushingly inferior and wrong, and take all the fight out of them. I have found only Jew cops will be able to stand up to quiet professionalism. Even nigger cops can't keep up the bully act when you rise above it and show no fear or hatred. Jews, of course, full of insane paranoia, will often threaten you with death, and have pulled their pistols on us in jail cells. But they are usually too chicken to do anything, and you should laugh at such utter cowards. Laughter utterly crushes these Jew terrorists and bullies.

Policemen, being mostly clean-cut men of force, are spiritually on our side, not the side of Jew-Communist cowards, sneaks, weaklings and rats. In their hearts, most of them roundly hate the Jews, niggers, Communists, beatniks, etc. In big cities, cops have "had it" with niggers, up to "here"! I have never found a security section of a big city police department with a Jew in it. Most of them are patriotic Irishmen who "know the score". And I have yet to meet a Jew FBI agent.

To sum up Point One of this course – Do not fight the cops! Stand up to bullying, of course, and defy illegal harassments. But go as far as possible to make the average cop like you and respect you – and make him hate the political bosses who force him to persecute you – not hate you!

You did not take this course and pay $85 to read a lot of soft soap, but to enable you to win political victories, to lead. I will not write what some may want to hear, but what you must hear to win.

The courts are not all Communist-controlled, as it once seemed to me before I started fighting and learned at first hand why the Reds, Jews and riggers so often win in the courts.

The Jews do their homework; they prepare their cases and they do a magnificent job of presentation in the courts. They work hard. Time after time, I have seen our side, soft and flabby from decades of domination, just trust that the old ways would get them by in court. Our side has never yet, for instance, presented the kind of smashing, unbeatable, factual case on the inferiority of the niggers we could present if our side spent money, time and effort on such research and court work as do the Jews.

In short, many of the court victories which seem, from the outside, to be the result of Communist and nigger-loving judges, are the result of a good case presented before the judge by the Jews – and no real case at all for our side. If you were the judge in that court, sworn to decide the case on the basis of what was presented to you, you would have little choice but to go along with the Jews and race-mixers, because they often have the only real case.

This is not to say there aren't plenty of rotten Jew, nigger and Communist judges. We have suffered from them brutally.

But the fact is that the majority of the judges are relatively fair. If that were not the case, I would not be sending this course to you through the U.S. mails, and you would not be reading it. We would all be in jail – where the Jews would like to throw us and would if they could! But time after time, when we fight hard, honest judges have defied the Jews to grant us our rights, even though they are begrudged.

In short, you can win in the courts – as I have won the right to speak in Union Square, New York, even from our awful Supreme Court.


This whole course, from beginning to end is based on absolute respect for the law, for the courts who administer that law, and for the policemen who enforce the judgments of the courts.

Our kind of law is something sacred to me. The law should be sacred to all White, Christian patriots, because it is solely the product of the White Race. All over the world, all through history right up until today, the dark races have tyrannized over each other, sold each other into slavery and generally acted like beasts to each other. Only the Western White Man developed a concept of not pushing around little guys, and protecting the "rights" of those who cannot protect themselves from the State. The so-called Jewish religion is full of dark, bloody and vengeful tyranny, and the dark races of the world in Asia, Africa and South America practice the most unspeakable brutality and bullying against those who fall into their power. Only in the White, Christian West have we developed a concept of real, objective justice. That White concept of "justice" is a sacred thing to me. It is what I am fighting for, and what I presume you are fighting for.

We cannot and must not destroy that holy, White Man's gift, which is now exemplified in our courts and judicial system. We must, of course, destroy the rottenness in the courts, and run nigger revolutionists posing as judges and Jew tyrants off the bench. But the system of justice we have, while it has faults, is the best in the world so far. It is solely responsible for our survival today. Without our system, we would long ago have been thrown in the Jew dungeons.

So I therefore start this course off with the admonition to treasure our system of courts, even if you wind up being persecuted and tortured by some vile Jew or nigger or shabez-goy judge.

We are the forces of order, of law, of civilization, of decency and wholesomeness.

The enemy hates our people, our race, our system of government and the courts we have set up. He is using those courts to destroy the race which alone can maintain the courts.

Our job is not to fight policemen or courts, but the enemy who is out to destroy these things.

If a rotten cop or a rotten judge happens to get his filthy hooks on you – fight! Fight the injustice, and that particular cop, or that particular judge. But never let the persecution and injustice goad you into hating your own – hating Anglo Saxon justice and the system set up by our inspired Founding Fathers to protect the innocent and the individual from tyrants and injustice.

The twenty-six lessons which follow will be solidly based on that concept and it is vitally important that you understand the principle involved here, not only in your mind, but your heart.

The end result will be that you will become an ally of good law-enforcement officers and honest judges in protecting our race and nation from the Communist-Jew-nigger assault now taking place.

Students must clearly understand that no "course", written in advance of a particular situation, can be used as an absolute rule of what to do in that particular situation.

The advice and suggestions you will get in this course are the best I know in most situations we have faced in more than five years of desperate and successful battling the enemy from the gutters to the TV screen and all the way into the Courts. But there are bound to be situations where these suggestions do not apply. There are bound to be State laws which do not "fit" these suggestions and generalizations. There are bound to be atypical officials and judges. In short, there are endless possibilities where you will have to use wise and mature judgment in applying these basic suggestions or you will not succeed.

But that is true of ANY course or set of rules. He who slavishly applies the same rule, every time, to all situations without wise, personal judgment, is doomed to sure catastrophe sooner or later.

Therefore, students are warned to THINK for themselves. You will be better off at least KNOWING these rules than not knowing them. You will be still better off knowing not only when and how to apply them, but when and how NOT to apply them in special situations. This course does not pretend that you can or should dispense with a good professional and honest attorney. On the contrary. If you can find a good one and a fearless one, by all means hire him if you can. But most of us are usually too poor to afford the kind of legal help the Jews can usually afford, and wind up with no lawyer, on our own resources. In such circumstances this course may save your life. But we cannot take the responsibility for final judgment of what YOU should do in any particular situation. It will be YOUR life or liberty in the balance, and final decisions will be YOURS. You will find this course a tremendous help in making those life-and-death decisions, but it cannot take the place of a fine, professional attorney when you can get one.

If you follow the rules and principles laid down in these lessons, you will some day find most of the policemen in your area coming to you in friendship and with the utmost respect. You will never again fear or run away from cops. And you will know exactly how to deal with a rotten cop or a rotten judge. Instead of you fearing them – they will fear you!


Much of the effectiveness of this course will be lost if it is compromised. There is nothing illegal or improper in the lessons. But there are vital elements in strategy which I have divulged to our students. If the Jews or other hostile elements know the contents of this course, it will make it far more difficult for all of us to keep beating their standard methods of illegal persecution, and it will make the propaganda approaches we teach far less powerful.

The course costs MONEY -which I believe will keep the Jews from having one of their stooges enroll. They just can't bear to pay out that Jewish gelt to help us, even to find out what we are doing.

Therefore, please guard this course as one of your most valuable private documents. It will very probably save your liberty some day, and possibly your life. But not if you permit it to fall into other hands. Trust no one with it, except those you are absolutely sure of. And remember that some you feel "sure" of today, may turn rat tomorrow. It has happened to us here a hundred times.