Left to itself my mind's eye always returns to the same places.  I see lakes with pure sand bottoms.  The water is scrubbed to crystal clarity.  Fish teem in these waters.  In the pre-dawn mists I push off in my canoe for northern pike and walleye.  The search is never difficult.  They fight with each other to hit your lures.  The only sound is the call of Canada geese honking away as they fly low across the waters.  Stands of pine trees are set amidst unfootprinted sand dunes on the shores.  After sunrise the skies are as pure blue as the day they were made.  The pine and birch forests are full of deer and bear.

   A few miles away is a real miracle.  This is Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes.  And great it is.  Lake is a misnomer for these bodies of water.  These are freshwater seas big enough for all the ships of the world.  Farther north there was a border, once symbolic but more real every day now for the whites of North America, that divides these lands.  In former days the border was just on maps and nowhere else.  Neither fish, waters, Geese or people took any account of it.  Those times weren't so long ago either.  They were as recent as the 1950s and 60s, even as recent as the 70s.

   These are the northlands.  You can still find them in Michigan, Minnesota and most of Canada.  I know many would write of the meadows and hills of Kentucky, the farmlands and riverbanks of Indiana, the blue mountains of West Virginia and the Rockies of the West, of the rain forests of the Pacific Northwest, of California valleys with their micro-ecologies and the magnificent Hudson River Valley in New York State.  Even the high California desert of the Inland Empire around Barstow has its special attractions.  I've experienced and appreciated them all.  But for me it's always to the northlands I return mentally.    The first love, you know?

   It has many scenes for me.  There's Big Point Sable and Leelanau Point where the Grand Traverse meets Lake Michigan.  Standing there at Leelanau you can feel real energy coming over the Lake from the Northwest.  That area has gone Yuppie now but that still means white and clean, if sissified.  Farther north there's the Straits of Mackinac.   Parts are tacky touristy but another wonder stands there.  That's the Mackinac Bridge, four miles long from approach to approach.  In Michilimackinac there used to be a pizza parlor run by a man who'd previously ran high steel on the bridge.

   On the second floor this man had opened what will always be my favorite museum, even after touring the more famous ones here and across both oceans.  This was a museum for the high steel workers who built the bridge.  The exhibits displayed there were the workers' hardhats, tools and pictures.  And the exhibits were white men white men white men all the way.  A monument to the white working man.  North of there are the shipping locks at Sault Saint Marie.  More white man's magic.  If you've never seen a lock, it's a water elevator for ships weighing tens of thousands of tons.  Beyond that is the Upper Peninsula.  Up there it's just mile after mile of birch and pine forests, clean waters, fish, deer, bear and geese.

   What instead grips our society, what fills its media to overflowing?  What dominates every consideration in the former national capital?  What corrupts or destroys every politician and civil servant charged with safeguarding the priceless heritages above?   Why and for what purposes are our soldiers sent off to arid hells in Afghanistan?  Why are al-Qaidists and Mexicans allowed to flood across our defenseless borders?  It's Zionism, don't you know?

   Really, what is there about Zionism that is so important for us?  We already have half the world's fresh water, itself a priceless treasure.  Is our intelligence already so degraded we can't farm the fish scientifically with all that water?  Is there any shortage of coal to liquefy for synthetic fuel if we need it?  Doesn't the land already yield two, three, four times as much food as we need?  Is there any shortage of uranium for the nuclear power that is safe when it is run by white men?  What are any of you, meaning white Americans, looking for over there in the wastes of central Asia?

   Please don't tell me it's because you went back to look for God in Zion?  Didn't the Man from Nazareth tell the Samaritan woman 2,000 years ago the time was coming when God wouldn't be worshipped on the Samaritan mountain or in the temple in Jerusalem?  Didn't Jesus tell you the Kingdom of Heaven was within you?  That still sounds 'white' to me.  All we need we carry with us.  And that's God and each other, or your higher purpose and each other.  The rest we make from whatever we find around us.  It's the Semites who have to fixate their religion on places.  Some of them focus on a wall of rocks in the side of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  Others are hypnotized by a black rock in Mecca.  Is there so much difference between them?  One group of them just suppressed another medical study that says there isn't any difference (1).  So what in heaven and earth did you go there to look for?  Is it because people who hate Jesus told you awhile back they're now hiding God there for you?

   So what's it all about in reality?  Well, Mr. Israel Shamir has finally told us in his latest article and for this I thank him with all my heart.  It turns out it was all for the fake flower beds of dusty Revivim in the Negev desert, itself located near the shores of a poisoned dead sea.  It's for the empty bed of a Jordan River that's drained dry long before it flows into that poisoned sea.  It's for the stinking holes of Gaza City and Ramallah.  That's what this is all about.

   It's for the demonstrably unpacifiable spirit of the American Ashkenazi Khazar Jew.  They came here, saw the wonders I described above and far more.  And they despised every last bit of it.  They preferred instead to shut themselves up in the ghettos of their minds dreaming of a Revivim that never was and never will be.  "Next year in Jerusalem!"  Well, the world gave it to them in fee simple and the reaction was what Benjamin Franklin predicted it would be.  They don't want to go live there.  And you thought previous generations were idiotic in their selection of war goals?  This what they've chosen for World War III and that's what most of you support them in.

   Just understand one thing.  They're not hiding God there for you in Revivim or anywhere close to it.  All they're hiding is phony flower beds.

Note: (1) "A keynote research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews and Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a leading journal.  Academics who have already received copies of Human Immunology have been urged to rip out the offending pages and throw them away." ('Hi ho! Hi ho! Down the memory hole we go-ho'). 
24 December 2001