06 May 2002
Waiting for the Fall of Singapore II:  ZOG-USA's Dying Integrated Military

1.  The Fall of Singapore, 1942

Mixed military forces are infinitely more inefficient than homogeneous military forces.  A classic example comes from the 1942 "Fall of Singapore" to the Japanese.  The full nature of this disaster remains unexplored because scholars are handicapped in their explorations by current political correctness.  At this time the typical history textbook sentence, following Churchill's memoirs, says "100,000 British soldiers surrendered to 33,000 Japanese."  Race mixers and anti-white haters are always happy to cite this instance and imply that these 100,000 were all whites.  This is sloppy scholarship and the exact opposite of the truth.

It is true a large part of the responsibility belongs to the alcoholic and half-Jew Winston S. Churchill's mismanagement of the British war effort and starvation of the Eastern Empire defenses for the purposes of killing white Europeans and making the world safe for Zionism.   But there is still the race-mixed nature of the Malayan garrison that is now stated to have been "British" and by implication "white" soldiers.

The actual December 8, 1941 initial Order of Battle for the Malaya Command is here:


This Order of Battle shows these initial 'British' forces consisted of a corps (two full divisions) of Indian troops, numerous local Malaysian colonial troops and the Australian 8th Division.  Reinforcements subsequently included the British 18th Division and more Indian forces.  It has been asserted the Australian forces had poor morale and fought with less than full vigor.  The real number of white troops may have been equal in the end to the Japanese forces at best.

The sources of weakness thus include poor and insufficient equipment, poor leaders appointed by Churchill, poor troop morale arising from the preceding and communication problems among this multi-racial and multi-lingual force.

2.  U.S. Military Today.

Racial integration initially began with 33d Degree Freemason Harry S. Truman's decision to integrate negroes with whites following SWATKWP, rather than keeping separate units.  Just a couple of years later in 1950 this race-mixed volunteer Army nearly collapsed in Korea when faced with the homogeneous North Koreans.

There was another wave of gender integration starting in the late 1970s.  Now there is an incremental integration of homosexuals by sabotage of the military culture that previously controlled this on an effective basis.

At each step of the way these 'desegregations' have been enforced by a variety of external pressures.  These include civilian Judeo-Marxist political commissars teaching sensitivity seminars on lucrative contracts, the establishment of vast "Equal Opportunity" commissar bureaucracies designed to separately handle "equal opportunity" complaints outside the normal chain-of-command and the imposition of efficiency report rating factors concerning sensitivity to "EO/EEO".

"Negro vs. White".

The reappearance of the all-volunteer force helped close (it didn't eliminate) the racial performance gap seen in the general populations.  This is because negroes are recruited from the higher ends of their Bell Curve while too many whites come from the lower ends of the white curve.   (note:  'Conservative' writers and the so-called Christian Right freely attribute these dismal white recruiting statistics to 'lack of patriotism'.  They are right in principle but have the wrong individuals singled out.  The "lack of patriotism" is in ZOG ruling elites, not the general population.  The events of 9-11 proved the U.S. Department of Defense is uninvolved in defending the Continental USA.  Bush's subsequent policy choices  —100% pro-Zionist, 100% pro-Immigration Invasion, 99% anti-US/Mexico border – reinforced this evidence, were any needed.  Then there are the insane conditions of service prevailing in the forces today.  Most people recognize this at one level or another)

I interpreted my duty under EO/EEO as being not to select lesser qualified people over more highly qualified people (however 'qualified' is determined) solely because of race.  But as with the application of "hate crimes" an anti-white double standard prevails.  Many non-white officers take advantage of the opportunity to implement their own private interpretations of "affirmative action" and advance their co-racialist nonwhite subordinates irrespective of qualifications.  I've personally seen this in operation more than once.As elsewhere internal advocacy groups composed of non-whites or women form and operate to advance their group interests at the expense of whites and white males.  Equivalent organizations of whites and males would be accused of being 'hate' groups.

We have thus had a lot of people promoted not because of ability but because they are non-white or non-male.  Equally there have been many more qualified white officers discriminated against.  This has gotten so bad a U.S. District judge had to conclude from the evidence that a clear downsizing factor in the early 1990s was the active retention of lesser qualified non-whites and the active selection of white officers for purging solely because of race.  This example of anti-white hatred came from conscious policy choices at the appointed political official levels.

"Male vs Female".

The numerous distracters above have been repeated and compounded by the fraud of treating men and women as equal and interchangeable despite any scientific evidence for this proposition and much to the contrary.  Nearly all branches except the infantry have opened to women.  This introduced a new additional set of inefficiencies and morale-lowering factors.  These include:  (1) women's known lower physical capacity (on average), (2) sexual politics in the barracks, (3) reduced average personnel overseas deployment availability because of pregnancy and (4) relativistic performance scales that openly award women equal scores for absolutely lowered performance (the physical training test scales are an example).

The pregnancy factor has also led to brazen inequality in administering military justice and particularly UCMJ Article 115, Malingering.  This is a punitive article used for soldiers who intentionally render themselves medically unfit for duty, generally to avoid combat.  Sorry, it's a no-brainer so no cigar although you are correct.  'Pregnancy' doesn't count as 'malingering'.  Numerous girls excused themselves from Desert Shield/Storm deployment by expedient of getting knocked up.  The inherent injustice of this arrangement has its cumulative effects on male soldiers.

The above multi-racial multi-gender system is held together by the usual Judeo-Communist methods of a vast thought police bureaucracy, endless political education seminars to persuade people that up is really down, intentionally lowered performance standards, false reporting and brazen favoritism.

"Creeping Homo Infiltration"

Clinton's initial failed frontal assault was followed up by persistent attempts, now largely successful, by the Sodomite Lobby to begin following the footsteps of the previous race-mixer and feminist commissars and subvert "Don't Ask Don't Tell' into 'Don't Ask Period'.   They were assisted in this by the beating death of the young sodomite at Fort Campbell.  Maoist "anti-hate" seminars are now legion, again conducted for profit by the civilian advocates.  The short-circuiting of the previous social mechanism has occurred by requiring the leadership to actively protect Sodomites who appear.  This had led to open aggressiveness by a group already legendary for its sexual aggressiveness.

At the current time the U.S. Department of Defense is best described as one vast multi-racial, gender neutral whorehouse.  Hammering all these square pegs in round holes takes up an enormous amount of leaderships' time and attention.  This measurably detracts from time available to devote to readiness training and maintenance.  The results showed up in 1999 in Kosovo and Task Force Hawk.  Despite the entire resources of the US Army to draw on, USAREUR was incapable of bringing 18 AH-64 Apaches into action.

The endless actual injustices perpetrated in pursuit of higher Judeo-Marxist truth drive out the most capable and deter other competent men from enlisting.  Word about the intensification of the above system has gotten around.  For potential recruits the advice of fathers, older brothers, cousins and friends is infinitely more influential  than marketing themes dreamed up by some ad agency.   The advice is reflected in ZOG's 2002 inability to recruit a far smaller force than the one it maintained in 1990.

A recent article we linked tells the tale.  This article was sniveling over the white male and apparently racist nature of the 98% white US Special Operations Forces, widely regarded as the most capable units in the Department of Defense.  These are also precisely the forces the regime has relied on to fight its war in Afghanistan.  This is no accident.  It's called cause and effect.

This 'system' is irretrievably doomed.  It can't even openly discuss the problems to try to diagnose them.  Even if it did, it couldn't implement the correct solutions.  As a stop-gap on the road to disappearance I predict ZOG will attempt first some form of induced volunteerism.  As a last gasp it may try a direct draft.

In the meantime the clock is ticking as we wait for a repetition of "Singapore 1942" enroute to the disappearance of the ZOG Empire.