(or whatever you want to call the future white North American state).

The first prerequisite is a self-sustaining and securable living space for white people. The interior social organization I leave to others wiser than me except so far as that social organization affects the military power potential necessary to hold the below:

1. Interim territorial limits of the Republic of Arcadia for the "founding generation":

a. West – NW from the Rio Grande through the Sierra Nevadas until south of Seattle, thence to Alaska on the Pacific shore.

b. South – Rio Grande along the Gulf Coast and east to Pensacola.

c. East – Due north from Pensacola to the eastern Appalachian foothills and n.e. to Maine, thence back to the Atlantic and to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. We also claim Greenland and Iceland.

These boundaries delimit the interior heartland and also incorporate all of current ZOG-Canada. They provide defensible frontiers delimited by two continental mountain chains and a vast desert area, abundant natural resources (including over half the world's fresh water), defensible seaport access to two oceans and the Gulf (more on this in naval policy). They also leave plenty of future wasteland space on the Pacific and Atlantic seaboards for the mestizos to slide downwards to a sustainable equilibrium.

Some may be satisfied with Coeur D' Alene Idaho and its environs. But that does not provide a sustainable state in a world where the IDF is the fourth or third nuclear power. Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce are still widely enough taught that most people don't want to be the founders of a future white tribe that will ultimately lose, and then also say, "From where the sun stands..." The borders I've outlined leave us with Germany's previous advantages of interior lines but without Germany's disadvantages of equally or larger sized enemies to the east and west. Having large wasteland buffer states will even help control illegal immigration. There will be no attraction for anyone to move to those holes, nor will the then current occupants be inclined to greet them warmly. In Arcadia itself immigration control is easier than enforcing traffic laws.

Nearly reciprocal population exchanges are necessary to establish these borders and eliminate dangerous inter-racial strife with its potential for causing inter-country war. A similar program between Greece and Turkey in 1923 has produced generations of peace between the two in every area except one spot. That is where Greeks and Turks are still physically limitrophe in Cyprus.

Beyond social-political-military defense there is the equally important question of ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENSE. The above boundaries also define the Missouri-Missisippi and Great Lakes-Saint Lawrence watersheds. They also guarantee control of the Colorado River and Columbia basin headwaters. The two coastal seaboards will not only provide a series of geo-political buffer states for diverse non-white populations but also define almost entirely separate ecosystems from the Heartland. Both have separate and diverse coastal watersheds. Continental weather patterns move east-west. In the west the western Sierra Nevadas provide a 'rain-out' of mud state air. The principle environmental threat from the East is its export of its physical toxic wastes. This of course will be brought to a halt, along with the export of all its other toxic wastes (financial, media, human).

To those who want to say the above represents a retreat, I say the grandfathers already conceded that battle without a fight 60 years ago. The above policy represents a recognition of current reality and a refocusing on the future. I truly know that starting reoccupation and reclamation of the seaboards will be possible within 20 years of establishing "Arcadia."

Foreign Alliances. ARCADIA's foreign policy goals are virtually identical to 19th Century U.S.A. goals: Keep any potential foreign combination strong enough to invade North America divided against itself. We do not seek to dominate other races or even tell them how to live. Neither will we expend our children's blood and treasure saving others from their own errors. Such ideas are as foolish as giving one's life savings to a homeless drug addict out of sympathy. Much of other races' current suffering is in fact the result of meddling white Mary Poppins-ism among them.

We'll take just one practical example. Africa would not be in its Apocalyptic AIDS crisis but for the continent-spanning ubiquity of the White Man's transport and half-understood attempts to apply the White Man's medicine on the cheap by reusing disposable needles. Those two imperalistically imposed technologies provided the required macro and micro transport mechanisms that transformed AIDS from an obscure local phenomenon to a continent wide biological genocide. This now credibly threatens to wipe out the Negro species in sub-Saharan Africa. Enough's been said to illustrate the follies of meddling in other peoples' space. Others will soon learn from our revived combat power not to meddle in ours. "Our Race, Our Space."

Pacific Ocean Areas Alliances and Goals. Arcadia has one and only one natural ally to the east. That is Japan. They have a high national racial consciousness, a stable birthrate and are sufficiently disliked by the Chinese and other Rim Asiatics to never become the overlords of Asia. Yet they are strong enough to keep any other Asiatic power from rising to dominance and are a natural naval power. It is in conjunction with them that we will accomplish sea denial of the Pacific to Chinese immigration invasions. Since we are not the drug/oil dealing Anglo-ZOG Empire, we have no need for worldwide sea control in the older commercial sense. Neither are we the City of London trade empire. We will therefore not be projecting expeditionary forces overseas to enforce trade advantage. What we need is a power of effective sea denial, combined with a place to hide our deterrent nuclear sea forces (Ohio Class boomers).

South America. Our natural ally to the south has similar characteristics to Japan's, although for different purposes. It is Brazil. This is not because their mestizos are more desirable than the others. It's because they speak Portuguese instead of the more numerous Spanish. "Defend by dividing" is our policy there too.

Atlantic Ocean Areas. Again, sea denial is our strategic need. Here also we have no need for Sea Control in the sense of the old Anglo-American Imperium. The threats from the Atlantic basin are far lower and ultimately of only one-generation duration. The first is the future Euro-Whigger state's inheritance of a legacy of ships and sailors. The second threat, which is already largely superceded by mestizo worker importation, is "foot shot" importation of blacks by commercially greedy whites in cooperation with Jews. And the Zionists may try to deflect danger by diverting Musselman ambitions in our direction. That danger is the greater since our interim social ally in North America must be The Nation of Islam.

Energy Policy. Within the realm of economics this IS the key sector. With sufficient energy anything else can be done, including growing all the earth's food in arctic tundra in hydroponics farms. Our goal is not merely self-sufficiency but an exportable surplus that is cheaper than the current Oil Imperium.

Technology Policy. Luddite-ism and romantic visions of the peasant warrior (Hitler) or the republican farmer (Jefferson) have no place in Arcadia's national ethos. Arcadia will therefore be reversing ZOG technology policy since the late 1960s. That policy was one of calculated technological sabotage. It started with McNamara's cancellation of all future aerospace X-programs. He did this not because they were failing but because they were wildly successful in developing new technologies. The ultimate goal was the prolongation of the protracted conflict with 'Communism' via a technological leveling process.

Military Policy.

1. Space Forces and Space Policy.

The science ficition writer Robert Heinlein long ago identified the most important military fact of the 21st Century. There is no defense against an attack from outer space. By that he meant not incoming nuclear warheads but house-sized pieces of lunar rock. An interceptor or laser that destroys a warhead does nothing against several thousand tons of rock. To defend ourselves from possible attack WE must therefore control earth orbit and its immediate environs. To do this we must establish a permanent presence on the moon and stations at the earth-moon liberation points, known as L-4 and L-5. Profitable secondary economic enterprises such as solar power satellites, lunar and asteroid mining and space manufacturing will become feasible with the establishment of the requisite transport infrastructure.

This policy will also enable the deployment of a class of orbital kinetic energy weapons known as THOR. These were first proposed by LTG Daniel O. Graham and the science writer Jerry Pournelle. They're essentially metal rods with small guidance packages that deorbit on command to strike designated targets. Such weapons, in conjunction with nuclear attack submarines, land based aircraft and an aggressive mine warfare program will constitute our principal means of air-sea denial on the approches to North America. Such weaponry and control does not of itself establish a sustainable biosphere for our people. But without it we will simply be living at the sufferance of the first ZOG state or successor entity that does develop such a capabilities. The greatest single candidate to do this is Japan, which is why an alliance of our two nation-states is doubly essential.

Our space programs do not have as a primary purpose providing workfare for hordes of idle theorists or virtual tours of the outer solar system and universe for the ZOG dreamers that currently throng our universities. Yet that is the direction NASA has taken under Administrator Goldin. The ever increasing "Virtual Hollywood" aspect of most NASA programs has become obvious to even mediocre intelligences.

2. Nuclear Forces and Nuclear Policy.

Our immediate generation of deterrent forces must be the posterity of the Ohio Class ICBM submarines and the remaining land based ICBMs. And deterrence is the only purpose these ZOG style "strategic" weapons can ever serve. They ultimately represent an international Mafia-terrorist approach to warfare. They are designed not to defend people but rather to "shake down" their targets in a global protection scheme. The subsequent world-wide pestilence of terrorism was the direct result of other races imitating the white man "on the cheap" to provide a political counter-force.

3. Oceanic Air-Sea Forces and Naval Policy.

Our strategic goal with respect to the air-sea spaces surrounding North America is not pacification for the free passage of ZOG merchantmen and emmigrant airliners. It is denial of avenues of approach to invaders. As was seen above, an increasing part of this air-sea defense mission will be assumed by Arcadia's Space Forces. Legacy weapons systems like the B-1, the P-3 Orions, and nuclear attack submarines will constitute the remainder of our initial Air-Sea forces. Supplementing and replacing these in a planned program of hemispheric strategic defense must be the THEL laser system, TRW's airborne mounted laser system and a continuing program of Ballistic Missile Defense.

Since we have no need to send expeditionary forces to other continents (what do they have that we want?), we also have no need of ZOG's vast expeditionary impedimenta such as aircraft carriers, amphibious fleets, flocks of intercontinental transport aircraft and the vast sea logistics trains that were necessary to sustain them. Very large economies will be possible in naval and air transport forces. The high grade human and technical resources freed from these useless usufructs of ZOG's dying merchant empire will be redirected into the Space Forces. Force analysis may well reveal insufficient numbers of attack submarines in the fleet. Retention of the most reliable leg of the nuclear deterrent also dictates the interim retention of one 'enclave' on the Georgia coast at King's Bay, Georgia, pending construction of a new base in Newfoundland. The Pacific submarine base is in the Puget Sound, which is why Arcadia MUST anchor its Pacific shore south of Seattle.

4. Land Forces Policy.

The ZOG's old policy of relying on mercenary forces is totally unsuited to Arcadia's purposes and goals. In Arcadia there will be no distinction between citizenship and soldiership. To be the one is to be the other. To not be one is to not be the other. An Arcadian soldier's raison d' etre is to secure the borders of his homeland. The skills necessary to defend Arcadia from foreign predators will also enable him to secure his home from the occaisional domestic predator.

This will have its side effects in enabling a vast reduction in the hordes of ZOG-style police and their paraphernalia of lawyers, judges, courts, jails and prisons. These police in fact police nothing but rather serve as historical clerks of ongoing criminality and as bodyguards for ZOG media reporting such events. The Columbine Massacre perpetrated by degenerate ZOGling media addicts is a classic case in point. The local "SWAT" team waited until all the shooting and all the victims died down before entering the premises.

At the current time Arcadia's security problem is not a police or law enforcement problem. It is in fact a military problem.

The old ZOG Expeditionary Army generated an incredibly poor "tooth to tail" ratio. The reasons for this were enunciated by the Chinese military theorist Sun Tzu when he said that 20 men were needed to sustain one fighting man in a foreign country. ZOG's 20th century experience has been closer to 30:1, but the moral remains. The presence of these vast uniformed coolie hordes also played its role in destroying the fighting spirit in what few combatants remained in the ZOG forces. This is why ZOG's military force lost its military effectiveness. It suffered and died from the twin diseases of obesity and ennervation of the spirit. And this points up a second fact of significance. While Arcadia will commission ex-ZOG navy and ex-ZOG air force pilots, it will not automatically do the same for ex-ZOG Army personnel. Most of them are not even soldiers in the sense most people think of soldiers, but are uniformed clerks, mechanics and technics, usually of an inferior level compared to civilian contemporaries.

What ZOG fighting men remain have been mentally castrated by decades of hewing to PC lines. ZOG's officer selection process for a decade has in fact screened out candidates who might be suitable leaders for Arcadia's Army.

Arcadia's Army in contrast is a national and citizen fighting army. Its manpower pool is Arcadia's manhood and nothing less. Another lesson needs to be learned from the 20th Century ZOG experience. To create and deploy vast standing armies of men for years is to destroy families and also create standing armies of prostitutes. As Sun Tzu also noted, there has never been a protracted war from which a nation has benefitted. Indeed, protracted wars themselves are always the result of alien elites pursuing hidden policies that are at variance to the interests of the subordinate combatants.

"Vietnam" was the classic example of this. The combination of strictures against decisive strategy (the hands-off policy towards Communist sanctuaries and supply lines) and the policy of gradual escalation was in fact designed to produce a painfully protracted defeat. That ZOG elites knew what was happening at the time is proved by their exempting their own sons from the war. The real purpose of the war was to destroy the spirit of Aryan American manhood and further corrupt Aryan American womanhood. So far from being a failure, it was a resounding success for its authors which secured them a generation of power. If this is incorrect, how did it happen that the "Best and Brightest" of the Kennedy and Johnson administrations continue to populate the corridors of power to this very day? A standing corps is necessary, but the size of this force will be relatively small. No more than 250,000 men will suffice for the Main Force after the chaos of the Interregnum. Even during the battles of the Founding Years large lateral movements of troops will not be necessary. Arcadia's Army fights on behalf of its population and their living space. Long distance deployments to foreign areas are oxymoronic. The proper historical model is that of the old Roman Republic. The method of selection for the Main Force will be lottery among the citizens. Since this lottery will occur among already trained troops, the period of embodiment short of full scale war should not be longer than six months.

To adopt any 'volunteer' idea is to start back down the slippery slope of picking and choosing which civic responsibilities citizens will meet. Arcadia does have to be more attentive to its land forces than the early American republic. The reason is that unlike America Arcadia will have several mid-grade regional threats of about one generation's duration. The western threats will include Aztlan (and its probable alliance with Mexico, for whom we must provide distractions to the south), the incipient Mid-California oriental state and the western blacks. In the east the principle threats are Black Tribes and the mestizo lifeboat communities that will surface for a short period. Arcadian Army campaigns will be short, sharp and decisive. The purpose of an Arcadian Army campaign is always directed towards securing or defending defined physical biospace and citizens from readily identifiable external enemies. In the first years some of these may yet be in the interior Heartland, having refused Reciprocal Exchange.

There are specific emergent technologies and tactics that will greatly enhance Arcadia's combat potential. But these are not what most people suppose and widespread elaboration of them is not desirable. For a variety of technical and social reasons, they are well suited to Arcadia and much less suited to Arcadia's potential enemies (and not at all suited to the dying ZOG Imperial Forces). ZOG could develop them, is developing some parts of them, but averts its eyes from the real implications and the true correct "systems solution". It may even be actively suppressing some aspects.

I don't claim this to be anywhere close to fully matured. But it's closer than ANYTHING I've seen elsewhere on the blightwing.

Do you want a catalyst? Try the so-called "Missing 13th Amendment". Certain anti-lawyer cranks wrongly claim it's already been ratified by the then requisite number of states, and also falsely misinterpret it as applying to bar associations, too. Nope.

Our entire purpose in backing it for ratification is to provide a rallying point to catalyze thought and polarize groups throughout the country. The legislatures that HAVE NOT considered this amendment almost exactly define the geography of "Arcadia". Let those opposed show their true color by opposition (i.e. Zionist, Chinese and mestizo invaders who claim to live here but show first allegiance to foreign governments and races). It can't be attacked as either seditionist or racist, but opposition to it will provide an excellent method of smoking out non-white racists.

This will certainly later be part of the Arcadian Constitution:

The "missing" 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States reads as follows:

"If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them."