December 1989

We have all heard the term "racial equality" till it is running out of our ears. Advocate say there are no differences between Whites and Blacks except color; although, when pressed, some "I admit a few other physical differences, but say they are not important. Nor do they want to admit any mental differences. Especially they do not want to admit these. And even if you could get them to admit them, they would again say the differences are small and thus unimportant. They are wrong; dead wrong. Completely, absolutely, wholly, massively, entirely and utterly wrong. The differences may be small, percentage-wise, but they are certainly not unimportant.

For proof, let us begin with apes. How different are they from humans? Scientists have long known that, bone for bone, organ for organ, and muscle for muscle, they are identical to us. Then, after the discovery of DNA, it was found that the DNA of the two African great apes, chimpanzees and gorillas, differs from ours by only 1%. In other words, the whole genetic makeup of these apes and humans only varies by this small fraction.

Would you say that this 1% is important? Who would deny it? As far as I know, even the most rabid race-mixers don't advocate that we mate with apes, yet they say it is just jim-dandy to do so with negroes. They don't want a bunch of half-apes running around loose, but look with favor upon half-niggers. Whenever they see a black buck squiring his white wife and mulatto children around town, it brings smiles to their faces.

I have nothing against apes, but do not think they should brought into White society and treated as equals. I would have nothing against negroes either, if we weren't biologically threatened by them, but we are. The cause lies in their genes. The more primitive black genes are dominant over white genes (later arrivals in the chain of evolution) by a ratio of 4 to 1. Thus, when we mate with them we only destroy ourselves. Black-white unions produce only coloreds; no whites. Ape genes are even more dominant, but apes are not trying to push themselves into our society, while Blacks are.

If there is only a 1% genetic difference between apes and humans, how much difference is there between negroes and whites? Maybe about 1/2 of 1%. Is this 1/2 of a percentage point important? You bet it is! It is of profound importance. The most crucial difference between Whites and Blacks lies in their brains. Among the various types of negroes there is a noteworthy spread in brain size, with the average being significantly smaller than the white average. But maybe more important than this difference in size is the difference in the makeup in the brains of the two races. The negro brain is more brutal than the white, and thus nearer the ape brain. It has less complex convolutions, and does not come up to the white standard in the prefrontal cortex area either. Here it is inferior in seven out of eight areas (only in the visuo-sensory area is it equal). The thickness of both infra and supragranular layers is thinner in the brains of blacks, and the thinner the layers, the more it denotes inferior intelligence.

The endocrine glands give out immensely important secretions which affect motivation, drive and ambition, and here too, Whites and Blacks differ.

For decades now there has been a big push to "educate" the negro; to supposedly bring him up to our level. There has been no attempt to do the same with apes. Why not? Is it because apes are boxed in by their genes, but not negroes? Have the egalitarians repealed the laws of heredity in regard to the latter?

Apes are "intelligent," as we generally understand the term, and they can be educated, up to a point. They are surprisingly human-like. It has been proven that an ape can be taught to communicate with humans by using American Sign Language (which is used by the deaf) or by pushing buttons on a special machine which registers his feelings. He can indicate if he is happy or sad, or wants this or that. He can master quite a few basic concepts, and "chat" about them. He is able to make statements and ask questions. He can argue, tease, joke and, yes, even lie.

Chimpanzees are the smartest of all apes (even apes aren't all equal), and are said to have, in some ways, the intelligence of a 5-year-old child. But they never get past this plateau, and everyone (or almost everyone) knows that it is not because of poor diet or the fact that they don't get to go to school with white children. No, chimps are limited by their heredity, as are all other apes, and indeed all living creatures.

Chimps can be taught to do simple human tasks, but few people would expect them to get much done if they were left by themselves, very long, unsupervised. They may differ from humans only 1% genetically, but this fraction is very important indeed.

The negro is considered human, although some think he should be put into another class or category by himself. At any rate, if 1% can be of profound importance, so can 1/2 of 1%, or even less. Left to themselves, Blacks cannot create or maintain a High Culture. Their so-called "civilizations" in Africa, such as those at Benin, Melle, Ashanti and Songhay, had very little going for them. They had a few very minor achievements in language and government, and exhibited a little ability in handicrafts, but that was about it. They showed no ability in writing, science, architecture, transportation, philosophy, education, economics, literature, communications, music, religion, agriculture, art, the military or mechanical improvements. In this respect you would think they were 99% genetically removed from Whites, instead of 1/2 of 1%. So again, we see how important this small fraction is. Furthermore, their "civilizations" were permeated with senseless and revolting cruelties, and were so primitive that they should be referred to as "civilizations" at all, but only primitive cultures.

Humans and apes are so genetically close that they can mate and produce offspring. An old photo of one, in the possession of the Anthropological Institute of London, shows a creature which looks like a monstrosity, being very much more ape-like than human. Few if any would advocate such cross-breeding, but many promote black-white crossings. However, if race-mixing Whites can ignore the maybe 1/2 of 1% difference between themselves and Blacks, there would not be much logic for them to use the other 1/2 of 1% difference between Blacks and apes as an excuse for not mating with the latter, also.

How does such a thing grab you? Imagine a batch of half-apes sitting on the Supreme Court. Or picture a near-ape as president of the United States. Think what it would be like to have a hairy ape-like creature as a grandchild. Then try to figure out how long our civilization would last if all the "people" in our land resembled apes more than humans. Wouldn't this be a fitting end for an egalitarian society?

Some will argue that while some negroes are mentally superior to some Whites, apes are not superior to either. Not true. There are exceptions. What about mental retardation? There are some pitiful cases, both white and negro (and, incidentally, the latter have a higher rate of retardation than the former) who are so low on the scale of idiocy that they can do nothing but lie all days and croak like frogs. Wouldn't an ape be superior to one of these? Of course.

It will also be argued that we shouldn't mate with apes because they are animals; but so are we. Everything can be broken down into three categories: plant, animal, and mineral. We fall into the animal category, along with apes. Apes are not human, but all we need to do is broaden the "human" category to include them. There's only 1% difference, remember? Ape-race; human-race; does it matter? We are told that "race isn't important," so if this is true, then it shouldn't be important if man mongrelizes himself down into a half-ape. All in the name of "brotherhood," of course.

If the destruction of the races through mongrelization is to be avoided, the only answer is geographical separation. This can't be achieved quickly, but it can be done in time; the only thing lacking is the will. And really, this should suit Blacks, if we can believe what they say. They are always accusing us of discrimination, of holding them down, of not giving them a fair shake, of exploiting them; the list is long. If these charges actually represent their true feeling, why, then, do they want to integrate with us? You would think they would want to get as far away from white people as possible.

To merge the black gene pool in with the white would be a monumental crime against nature, and would wipe out an estimated 200,000 years of evolutionary progress. But many Whites are naive on this point, thinking we can have integration without eventual race destruction. This would be like a parent saying to his child, "You can play with the boy next door all you want to; just don't get friendly with him."