06 June 2002
White compassion: for Whites only.

Last week I received a fax at work. It was sent by an organization called “Medecins Sans Frontieres” / ”Doctors Without Borders”. They describe themselves as a “non-profit humanitarian organization.” As a poof of their “respectability” they added to the heading “Awarded 1999 Nobel Peace Prize.” The title, and subject, of their message was: A DYING POPULATION IN ANGOLA! (so?)

“After 27 years of relentless civil war in Angola (I wonder why. After all the evil white racists were long gone...) ...there is a chance of peace... but what the cease fire has unmasked is a humanitarian catastrophe (!?)

Of course, we are told that there is way to put an end to this horrendous “humanitarian catastrophe”: “Just $75 can provide oral re-hydration salts for over 700 people; $180 can buy 680 measles vaccines; $685 can provide high energy milk for 15 severely malnourished children for a month;...”  What a scam! What a lot of rubbish! Who gives a damn for these creatures? Can you imagine the same kind of organization working in an Asian country? Of course not! . Because Asians, by far, are immune to this mortal virus (compassion) that has poisoned our decadent and despicable (in its present state) race. They know very well that only moronic honkies will take the bread out of their mouths to feed some ungrateful, undeserving savages. Asians, as Eric rightly said in FAEM, know who they are and what they want. They have not been contaminated by Christianity and /or its Humanitarian pseudo-philosophy; and, most important of all, they do not worship the Jews.

There is nothing worse than those liberal bleeding hearts, repulsive and obnoxious race traitors who deserved to be dumped in those filthy African pestholes that they love so dearly. They should be left there with no technological support of any kind. Let's allow them to enjoy the “hospitality” of their “African brothers”! How long do you reckon they shall survive?

I don't have a problem with Africans or Asians as individuals. It is their negative and destructive influence as an alien community within the White society that worries me. But what I really hate are the renegades, the bleeding hearts who do not recognize the value of concepts such as Nation and Race; the preachers of a New World Order of multicultural and multiracial “diversity,” a world of mongrels. To them, and to the cretins that have chosen the way of self-destruction through drugs, alcohol and immediate self-gratification, we owe our present sorry state as a civilization, as a race. Let's finish with the stupid slogan “I'm White, therefore I'm a superior human being”. My father never pronounced such words (he wasn't racially conscious, although his healthy instinct make him admire Hitler and Mussolini) but he had a clear, instinctive, sense of belonging to a culture (as Italian and European) that gave him a most admirable integrity and dignity. A man who, after losing his medium-sized company to a treacherous partner, refused highly paid “glamorous” jobs with dishonest people and started all over again, manufacturing shoes; he got paid per pair. He could have run away abandoning his wife and children, but he didn't. He could have turn bitter and resentful, but he didn't. He was over 50 when his world collapsed but I never saw him complain about his fate. Over the years I saw many of his ex-employees greeting him with a respectful “Sir”. That, for me, is what to be White is all about. It is an attitude towards life that demands self-respect, discipline and moral courage. It means to work hard without expecting especial rewards or treatment. It means to stand for your family, friends and ideals regardless the consequences.

“Father Example is the best preacher”. Let's prove with facts that we deserve a better future, that we are the rightful heirs of a great civilization. To be White doesn't mean anything unless we behave like White men used to do. The greatest misfortune of my father's generation, and his father's, was the lack of racial consciousness and education. We, the men of the XXI century, do not have any excuses to keep repeating the same mistakes. Let's embrace those old Aryan principles of honour, integrity and work ethic that distinguished our ancestors but let's not forget that their misguided fairness and kindness towards their natural enemies was the cause of their downfall and our martyrdom. A healthy racial pride born of a deeply rooted consciousness shall prevent new disasters and, if we act wisely, shall put us back in a commanding position among the nations.