14 August 2002
Given true freedom of association (which also means freedom to NOT associate) and self-determination, whites will return to a segregated society in a flash.  And we know it.  Ask any experienced real estate agent.  And why shouldn't white people be allowed to have communities where the local deed restrictions prohibit resale of a property except to those approved by the larger neighborhood?

As for eugenics and procreation, I deny these lie in the realm of individual freedom and beyond the power of a lawful higher social authority.  That's because procreation involves at least two parents and a subsequent child who will affect larger society for 70 years or so.  Individual rights stop dead when the larger community begins to be affected (or burdened).  We have a
case here locally where two deaf dwarves have brought forth another one. And they have dropped that poor miscreant child upon expensive public 'special education' and the rest of the local community.  This in a perverse attempt to make 'normal' that which was known IN ADVANCE would never be normal.  This is neither 'freedom' or 'humanity'.  It is war with reality and rebellion against Nature and Nature's God (to quote a Constitutional turn of phrase).  This kind of result derives from the  dogmatism the Libertarian Party deals in.

Out of pure humanity and other philosophical considerations we refrain from euthanizing existing deaf dwarves.  I deny however the proposition society has no right to control their reproductive activity.

And America had such laws from the 1890s until the late 1960s. Sterilization of the clinically insane, the mentally retarded, the
pathologically criminal, the incurably diseased.  And these laws existed long before the growth of New Deal, Great Society 'Big Government'. etc. And I'm all for reviving them.  By what possible rationale do we concede the 'right' of a female HIV patient to bear a child with a 40-60% chance of also being HIV+?  Not only is this permitted, but there are tax subsidized 'programs' to attend to these poor infants subsequent 'special needs'.

I consider such activities as above to be the definition of cruelty and insanity.  To not only permit but SUBSIDIZE the creation of such doomed creatures is worse than anything the 'Nazi doctors' were accused of at Nuremberg.  If this is the face of 'freedom' you can have it.

I'm also firmly convinced that the subsidization of all these below par offspring is a significant contributing factor in the decline of white birth rates to below replacement value levels.  Resource for healthy white babies is being taken away ('tax', 'regulation', 'education resource choices', etc.) to subsidize an array of other types that could have easily and humanely been prevented from ever existing. (anon)