05 May 2003 — Eric Thomson
Your observations reflect a keen eye and a wealth of experience with which to connect your current views of reality. Henry David Thoreau declared: "The unexamined life is not worth living." I think that would be the opposite of the Zen creed of 'living only in the present'. How would anyone appreciate the present without reference to the past? I have met people who appear to think that the present always existed, and that it will continue to exist, as is. I note this attitude particularly in the younger people of Judeo-America. I never thought of myself as unique, but what I do observe is my appreciation and awareness of the past, even as a kid. Knowing my two grandmothers may have helped me to understand that things were not always as they appear to us in the present. By knowing something of the past, I learned that the present is not permanent, so it behooves us to anticipate that it will change, and do our best to figure out how and when. I see change accelerating all around me, not because I am older and think that life is speeded up, but from looking at the calendar. Even 'wars' are getting quicker: less build up time, more and 'smarter' firepower, rapid transportation from homeland to theater and quicker postwar outcomes. The real war of attrition begins with the occupation. That's when U.S. troops are most vulnerable, when they get close to people who don't like them.

The Iraq mess was created by the British after World War I, and the U.S.A. has merely stirred the pot, on behalf of Israel. The 'victory' in Iraq has already cost the U.S. taxpayer plenty, and it promises to cost more, like the 'victory' in Afghanistan, as the U.S.A. goes to hell on borrowed money. U.S. 'victories' appear relevant only to Israel, for they are defeats for the U.S. people and destructive to our economy, like a jobless man who expends his limited savings on drugs and booze. FEDZOG's policies are no solutions, but really enlarge our domestic problems. Neither 'victory' nor oil will create any jobs for Americans in the U.S.A., unless ZOG intends to induct all warm bodies into the military, which I doubt.

"Nation-building" is ZOG-speak, which means "nation-destruction" in reality, for ZOG policy is one of universal imperialism predicated on divide & rule within all territories under ZOG influence. Iraq is such an imperial entity, for it is populated by 3 main national and/or ethnic groups who have never co-existed peacefully, but only under uneasy truce that was enforced by outside rulers or recent dictators, supported by outside rulers.

The demographic environment you describe at your job reminds me of India, where diverse ethnic, national and religious groups live uneasily together, and where these differences frequently explode into bloody turf wars, even though the wogs are all mongrels who resemble one another physically. Clearly, race-mixing does not produce peace!

Obviously, a White worker in a majority mud workplace must always be on his guard, and he must hope that some mestizo co-worker's relative does not want the gringo's job, as occurred in the largely mestizo meat-packing industry and fruit-processing plants, as well as vegetable canneries. We are Whites living in an anti-White country, and our situation will become critical as we lose what jobs are left to the muds, and as the muds lose their jobs in the growing economic depression. Our judeo-capitalist rulers appear to equate 'cheap labor' with China and India, even as they continue to allow the flooding of America with 'cheap labor' from the Turd World. Why bring Chinese and Indians over here, when it's 'cheaper' to export jobs over there? We are enacting "Camp of the Saints", on the double, for the mud invaders seek welfare, as well as jobs, and our tax-funded programs are already in deficit. This explosive, corrosive situation leads me to anticipate sudden, drastic changes, rather than a general, gradual decline; more like the destruction of the USS Maine, than the sinking of the RMS TITANIC. Either way, the jew enemy of the White Race intends to destroy us as his first priority, regardless of the consequences for himself. They really do behave like the space alien jew-types in "They Live". Christianity is the anesthetic they use to facilitate their blood-sucking of our body politic, just as the mosquito which soothes as it bites.

The hell you describe for jews is probably benign, compared to the hell they could make for themselves in a world without Goyim. The jew, Arthur Koestler, describes a bit of jewish hell in "Darkness at Noon", in which Stalinist jews use jewish skills to persecute Trotskyite jews. They really have a talent for making other jews suffer, when they tire of making us suffer. That means that one cannot abolish jewish suffering without abolishing the jews, as Mr. Levy alias Marx declared. We shall see if Judeo-Americans are willing to inflict upon the Iraqis what the Israelis are inflicting upon the Palestinians. Meanwhile, "They Live", we sleep, like 'good', Christian sheeple.

As you say, it appears unlikely that the Palestinians will receive anything other than continued Zionist-Israeli oppression, for the U.S.A. is firmly in Zionist hands, and Ariel Sharon has said as much. Regardless of the outcome, I think we should still advocate a multi-cultural Israel-Palestinian state, since our Zionist masters constantly preach to us how 'good' multi-culturalism is for us, so why not for jews, too? Our goal is anti-Zionist, rather than pro-Palestinian. The Arabs are the foremost victims of Zionism, but not the only ones, for we are also their dupes and victims, although our homes are not being bulldozed.

I applaud your organizational approach in regard to quality, above quantity. That's how all great movements begin, and the process of sorting wheat from chaff is ongoing. Slow and sure is the superior method, especially when one is involved in a cosmic struggle. The Zud would recite that "we are involved in a cosmic struggle", but he meant not a word of it, and preferred chaff rather than wheat for his 'movement', of which he was the foremost representative, for his priorities and principles were in whichever direction the wind blew.

As you agree, surplus is necessary for civilization and its artifacts. Naturally, a civilization in its beginning does not have the degree of surplus time, material, labor and organization which a civilization in its latter stages achieves, but there must be an initial degree of surplus time, food and labor to begin building any civilization and its resultant artifacts, such as buildings, temples, works of art and invention.

I suggest you veer away from the dogmaticians who insist that religion and civilization are mutually dependent, when history shows they can be mutually-exclusive. Man is always an individual, even when he works within his community and social organization. The idea of social cohesion is self-evident in White societies, even when individuals prefer to act as if it did not exist and mattered little, much like the force of gravity, which we ignore at our peril. The fact that a large proportion of bipeds would rebel at the necessity for social cohesion does not invalidate the principle which underlies all human societies and civilizations. Civilization produces religions and artifacts, not vice versa. There had to be a surplus of time and food in order to conceive the first pyramid and to begin its construction, as with the first gothic cathedral or Greek temple. The social group known as Bushmen in Africa have no such surpluses in their constant pursuit of food, so their artifacts are few, and their religion or folklore, as well as their artistic pursuits are quite limited.

Civilizations occur without ideology, as the natural outgrowth of human needs for food and sex and social cohesion. These factors existed before language was able to convey ideas. The baboons have such social organization, without having either language or religion, to my knowledge, and I don't think they ever had to argue about the benefits of social cohesion in terms of ideology. Yet, each baboon remains as individualist and selfish (within permissible limits ) as if he were by himself. There is always the distinction and dynamic tension between the individual and the group, even when the group consists of two individuals. In an artificial environment, in which all the individual baboon's needs were satisfied without the need for group-co-operation, the isolated individual baboon could live like an individual human in an urban environment, which is equally artificial, for such an environment depends on a great deal of social cohesion and organization. I can live, if I wish, with very little human contact, even as I depend on others who I never see, like the providers of my utilities, without which I would have no water, gas or electricity nor telephone. In other words, many of us can live in isolation and remain dependent on our society for our individual existence.

Pendell's little book, "Sex vs. Civilization" has useful observations, such as the timelag curves between the decline of the Problem-Solvers which is followed by the decline of their civilization, just as we see in the U.S.A., where the Problem-Solvers' infrastructure is decaying and collapsing. The Problem-Makers' demands on the society are making it impossible to improve or to maintain the necessary infrastructure upon which society depends. Locally, the population pressure of those who breed, but cannot feed their numbers is reaching critical levels of demand on all tax-funded facilities and services, just as we enter a severe economic downturn, as jobs go to China and the jobless pour in and multiply. The Problem-Makers are very religious, Catholics for the most part, so the strength of religion is not declining,
but civilization sure is!

History shows that religions do not create civilizations, but that religions, like arts and artifacts, are by-products of civilization. When the human quality of the civilization declines, so do the by-products, and the civilization itself. Certain religions can be agents for the destruction of civilization, when they have sufficient adherents of primary or secondary rank, such as Christians and their secular counterparts, liberals, who support the inherent Marxist fallacies of the cult. In this regard, beliefs and tenets are important, not for what they create, but for what they most effectively destroy.

Christianity enshrined the tenets of Judaism and thereby judaized White Civilization. Since Whites had morals and religions before jewish labels were imposed upon their religious traditions, Christianity represented jewish cultural imperialism, which took centuries to poison the White body politic. Slow poisons are no less effective than fast ones. The ideology which supports current social decay is essentially Christian, just as Marxism is a nondeistic version of Christianity. Buchanan would like to believe otherwise, but Christianity's destructive record is obvious and its proponents blatant. Doctrines are important: Like food, as distinguished from poison.

The religion of the Aztecs and Incas was the essential cause of those civilizations' downfall, for they believed the White Gods had returned, when they were only a bunch of Spanish brigands. Worship your enemy and you are defeated, just like Whites who worship jews via Christianity. Thanks to religion, the Spaniards could destroy the civilizations of the Aztecs and the Incas. Thanks to religion, the jews can destroy Western Civilization. Both provide examples in which the Problem-Makers have been deified, with the resultant destruction of the host civilizations.

Civilizations' abundance can be misused, as we see by our feeding of infinitely-breeding Problem-Makers. Religions which grow out of civilizations' surpluses of time, material and labor can be destructive, like vipers clasped to our collective bosoms. The quality of our people can create civilizations, but the surpluses can destroy that quality, if the Problem-Solvers are not careful.

In the case of Rome, which did indeed perish for lack of Romans, the advent of lead in various forms was thought to have curtailed the reproduction of the Roman upperclasses, along with other forms of birth control. Lead was ingested by the upperclass Romans via piping, wine and tableware, as well as make up, while the poorer classes had no such consumption of lead. Lead poisoning can cause insanity and sterility, before death. The bodies of some of the lost Franklin Expedition to discover a Northwest Passage were found to be poisoned by lead which was ingested from tinned foods. In other words, some aspects of civilization can be deadly to its members, even though the Problem-Makers remain civilization's foremost enemies.

I see no profit in overlapping I.Q.s of Whites and Blacks, when the same may be done with I.Q.s of Blacks, Whites and chimpanzees. As I hear from "National Public Radio", one chimp has been taught to communicate in sign language and you may contact him or her on the Washington University website. The median I.Q.s do not overlap, and the median or majority I.Q. is most important when we consider groups, rather than individuals. Group behavior is a good predictor of individual behavior, which was the basis for I.Q. tests in the first place.

I think we can agree that the primary motivators of human behavior are not ideological, since bodily needs come first. When those are satisfied, we can make time for other pursuits, otherwise we do not exist. With humans, ideologies can take precedence over physical survival, but we cannot say how much of that is instinctive, in terms of our need for social cohesion. Once again, baboon society demonstrates that altruism is not necessarily connected with ideology, for it is observed that the senior baboon who leads the troop will offer himself as defender and/or food to a leopard which attacks the troop. Humans can do no better than that! The fact that many of us don't behave in such heroic fashion sustains my respect for the baboons.

On an amusing personal note, I used baboons as my scouts, when on patrol in Africa. If I saw a troop of baboons travelling along a ridgeline, I could assume that our Black opponents were not occupying that side of the canyon. The baboons were, of course, observing us, too.