10 October 2002 – Eric Thomson
The Myth of Stalin's Nationalism

The Germans have an erroneous saying that "lies have short legs". The reality is that lies are like camels, they have exceedingly long legs and survive the hottest, driest, most brilliant light of criticism. A recent newsletter has once again revived the Big Lie that Red Russia, the former Russian Empire of the non-Russian Tsars, had been 'liberated' from Khazar (jew) rule by Djugashvili (Jewson) "Stalin", a Khazar from Tiflis, Georgia, whose mentor, Kaganovich, was of the same nationality: Khazar.
As a matter of definition, a multi-national entity is not "a nation", therefore when people prate about "nations", they fall into the jew-Boas' trap of equating "nation" with territory. Nations are biopolitical entities, not geopolitical, and members of a nation can exist anywhere on earth. On the other hand, no amount of crowding and cramming of nations into a given territory can produce a nation, merely an unstable, multi-national empire, such as Russia and North America.

Who did the Khazar emperor, "Stalin" liberate the disparate Gentiles of the Red Russian Empire from? "The jews!" say the myth-mongers. Not only that, but "Stalin" declared "Communism in one country!" The name, COMINTERN was duly changed to COMINFORM. Wiser scholars know that "Stalin" was merely changing tactical labels, for he was continuing the Khazar imperial policy of expansion which his congener, "Trotsky" (Lev Davidovitch Bronstein from Bronx NY) had failed to carry out previously. Moreover, the jews remained in all important positions in the Soviet state, particularly in the police apparatus. Top-ranking military officers were either Khazar (Ashkenazim) or married to Khazars, like Brezhnev, whose jewish wife I've seen a picture of. Even now, I shudder when I recall that gargoyle! I suspect that Brezhnev volunteered to go to the battle of Stalingrad so he didn't have to look at his Khazar wife, who would have made The Wicked Witch look like a beauty queen.

"Stalin" purged several thousand Khazars and he replaced them with fellow Khazars. He did the same with millions of his Gentile subjects, whom he did not replace, but simply tightened the conditions of terror and enslavement of the survivors. The head of the Cheka/NKVD/KGB, propaganda (Ilya Ehrenberg), and every government department remained Khazar.

"Stalin" continued to expand Khazar imperialism with military might and terror in Spain and Finland, but his main goal was to achieve what his rival, "Trotsky", had failed to achieve in the 1920s: the conquest of Europe! We need not take into account, the reports I have obtained from German high altitude aerial reconnaissance observers, that Red Russia was completing its preparations for the massive invasion of Europe in 1941, a few weeks too late. One observer told me that the territory of the Khazar Soviet Empire looked like a huge sandtable model from his altitude: "The smoke of endless trains revealed that the Russian (sic) rail system had been converted into a gigantic conveyor belt. Trains brought military equipment from east to west and took farming and factory equipment, along with grain and livestock from west to east." Former Soviet Military Intelligence officer (GRU) "Suvorov" substantiates this statement in his book, "The Icebreaker", in which he includes the names and numbers of the Red Army units en route to the west, when the German attack caught them on the hop. "Stalin" apparently believed that Operation Sealion (the touted German invasion of Britain) was genuine, whereas Operation Barbarossa (the invasion of Red Russia) was the 'real thing', and the German units which were, according to bogus intercepted radio traffic, standing on the French coast, were really under the large noses of Khazar observers.

"Stalin" changed nothing about jew-bolshevism, except some names and propaganda labels. The Khazar rulers remained and their policy of imperial expansion was intensified. Another indicator that the jews remained in control of Red Russia was in the fact that the jews of Britain and North America continued their staunch and substantial support for the Stalinist regime, before, during and after World War II. The jew-bolshevik policies had made the rich Russian Empire into a financial and agricultural basketcase, so overseas jews made sure their Red Monster was given continual life-support in the form of funding, food and technology, such as the atom bomb. The myth that Red Russia became "jew-free" and "nationalist" under "Stalin" was part of the other hoax called "The Cold War". The fact that Mr. Posner of Moscow and Mr. Posner of Washington DC report the 'news' to each other's Goyim should provide another clue.

Former KGB/FSB jew, Putin, and his Khazar congeners still rule the remnants of the former Soviet empire, which his fellow jew bandits continue to loot, along with recycled 'aid' funds from the jews' western dominions. The jews still rule Russia, and they do not have Russian interests at heart!


Dear Mr. Carr,

I am a regular reader of Mr. Schmidt's publications, and I have degrees in International Relations, which involves historical research, journalism, propaganda, economics and intelligence analysis. I am also a former member of the U.S. Army Security Agency with a background in German.

Obviously, Mr. Schmidt's personal experiences which he recounts in "SS Panzergrenadier" have tapped your spring of emotionally-triggered Allied propaganda posing as history, which I formerly believed. In this regard, I offer two short essays of mine on "Stalin" and the "Holohoax" which are derived from Allied sources which you may check for yourself.

Incidentally, you are absolutely wrong about the food question following the German capitulation on May 8, 1945. Under The Morgenthau Genocide Plan for Germany, the seven year stock of emergency foodstuffs was taken by the U.S. invaders and given to "our gallant Soviet allies" in exchange for Stalin's belated declaration of war on Japan. The German soldiers who surrendered to Eisenhower's forces on May 8th were dubbed "Disarmed Enemy Forces", so our war criminal flunky could deprive them of their eating utensils and commence systematic starvation, in violation of The Hague and Geneva Conventions, to which Nazi Germany adhered. The Stalinist regime of Red Russia refused to abide by those  conventions, so there was no reciprocity in their treatment of German P.O.W.s and no Red Cross participation. The Red Cross was not recognized by the USSR, so the Red Cross appears to have classed Soviet P.O.W.s as 'non-persons'.

Germany languished under The Morgenthau Genocide Plan until U.S. Occupation commissar McCloy pressured Adenauer to capitulate to another Versailles-style "war guilt" and "reparations" agreement, which guaranteed German support and funding for Zionist Occupied Palestine. McCloy was an inlaw of the Sussman family and cozy with Nahum Goldman who drew up the Israel extortion scheme, based on the magical number of "six million" which The American Hebrew of 1919 had already mentioned.

I hope my essays will direct your research into actual historical sources in Allied archives, rather than historical Allied propaganda, posing as history. As my righteous Hebrew colleague, Josef Ginsburg declared, "God is Truth, whether we like it or not." Obviously, your gullibility has led you far from God.