by Eric Thomson

The LaRouchie output is truly mind-boggling. If I understand correctly, that gang of jews is calling other jews 'Nazis' or 'fascists'. Hitler was obviously a jewish agent working for the British-jewish banksters. LaRouchies want world population to triple (at least). Their 'solution' to the prob-lem thus created is colonization of Mars, once the Martian climate has been changed by construction of the inter-planetary mirror! It's just another kosher krazy korner.

Dr. Kitchin (jewish name?) offers a scenario in which Whites are supposed to organ-ize en masse, somehow, in order to conquer the world. It sounds nice when one has im-bibed a few bottles of Dutch courage, but in the real, observable world, I deem this wishful-thinking, like Martin's 'reconquest of Africa'. We can't even defend our homes, let alone conquer a continent. We are in retreat on every continent. As we see in Africa, when White rule is gone, the Blacks kill each other in war and the concurrent diseases and famines add to the demise. That brings their population back down to their pre-colonial levels.

In Zimbabwe, the former Rhodesia, the Black population surplus is at least 6,700,000. Before the Whites took over in 1890, the territory could only support 300,000 Blacks with their stone-age values which remain in place. The world population explosion of non-Whites has only been possible because of White factors which produce and distribute surpluses, and which impose public sanitation and White medi-cines, while curtailing inter-tribal warfare. If or when Whites vanish on this planet, the muds will experience a population crash and will return to their previous population levels which they are capable of supporting. As others have said, we don't need anybody else for our survival.

The first part of the solution is White racial separ-ation, not only in terms of populations, but also in terms of science, education and tax-funded subsidies to non-Whites. The job of the ZOG is to insure the continued outflow of White civilization to the muds and the continued inflow of muds into our livingspace.

As far as White enclaves are concerned, they are not the 'final solution' in overcoming problems of White survival, but they would be a tactical step toward White survival. Such enclaves should be created, but not advertised. Whites survived the Matabele Rebellion in Rhodesia by coming together in defensible enclaves. Alone and isolated, there was no way for Whites to defend themselves against the overwhelming numbers of Black warriors. Together, they blew the black hordes away with massed firepower! Naturally, the Whites would have perished if they'd had today's wimpy mentality. They would have gathered in such places as Kwa Bulawayo, not to fight, but to be slaughtered.

First comes Unity of the Minds, then comes Unity of Purpose; then comes the Struggle to Survive as White people.

It makes no difference where lemmings live, nor how many are their numbers. Lions, on the other hand, carve out their liv-ingspace. We shall see if White people have any lion instincts left, or if the whole bunch are pretty much lemmings. I hate to use military analogies, but they are often appropriate, because we are in the middle of a war in which all we do is give up and retreat. In order to win, in a losing battle, it is necessary to disengage from the enemy, regroup and then attack. Retreats are no way of achieving victory, but ways of buying a little time in order to achieve victory. Of course, if we don't ever want to fight, then neither retreats nor time can save us from our chosen fate of extinc-tion.

Sometimes I feel like Patrick Henry amid a herd of cud-chewing cattle, cowards and lotus-eaters. Such miserable lives as these are not worth saving, but if we decide to fight, we shall become not only worthy, but we shall save ourselves. No reward could be greater than that! Heros of Our Race fought to free themselves from Judeo-British tyranny; they fought to keep our livingspace from being invaded (supposedly) by foreigners. The dead heros look down from Valhalla and they must wonder why they fought to make the world 'safe' for slaves and knaves who would give up their freedom and their country for nothing but a bowl of tepid porridge and a view of the jew-tube. Obviously, most sheeple deserve neither leaders nor heros, but the kosher butcher's knife which shines before them. As one might gather, I am both disgusted and incensed by our retreat from White Values, as well as our retreat from the mud-people. It need not be! This is what makes me angry and disgusted.

11 October 1999