by Eric Thomson

Back in 1976 1 gave you the ZOG-concept. As a long-time African resident, I could see what should have been obvious to those on this continent who were supposedly attempting to fight... Who knows? Some claimed that The Enemy was the CFR, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists, the dreaded, but conveniently anonymous "Insiders". As a simple Nazi, I realized that what was lacking was a Feindbild or picture of the enemy. If one did not know who the enemy was, then one could never hope to combat him. Later, I learned that 'our side' had no definition of who or what it was, either. Without a Feindbild, the situation is serious, but not hopeless. Without a Selbstbild, a concept of who we are, then the situation is hopeless, but not serious. The blightwingers seem set in their ways, choosing to blunder and stumble along, on their treadmill to oblivion, because they choose not to identify themselves any more than they choose to identify their enemies.

George Orwell said wisely, "Who defines controls." The blightwing uses enemy labels, allowing the enemy to define who they are. By doing this, blightwingers give the enemy the moral high ground. It is like an accused defendant in a murder trial who says, "Sure, I'm a murderer, but I only intended to make my victim a little bit dead." Please remember that the Allied rapists and murderers who invaded Europe in 1944 did not call themselves the names used by their White victims. The Allied rapists, thieves and murderers called themselves "liberators". Indeed they were, for they 'liberated' White Europeans from their property, their virginity and their lives! Allied "liberation" in Europe was worse than U.S. "reconstruction" in the conquered South after the War Between the States. School children are taught that "liberation" and "reconstruction" were benign policies, rather than hypocritical euphemisms for genocide. In his prophetic book, "1984", Orwell described Ingsoc's program to make language 'politically correct' by eliminating 'subversive' words which would allow dissenters to communicate with others. Words which were not eliminated were redefined, usually to mean their opposite, as in New World 'Order', 'tolerance', 'discrimination', 'prejudice', etc. ZOG-thugs describe their opponents as "suicidal", which means that they wish to kill as many zoglings as possible before they are themselves killed.

To the ZOG-wise, I offer these tidbits as ammunition in the war of words and the battle for men's minds:

ZIONIST: a jew-supremacist or Israel-firster. Most Zionists are not jews, but jew-stooges who are bribed and/or bamboozled into serving their jewish masters. The previously-used term for such a critter was "useful idiot" or race-traitor.

OCCUPATION: the status of foreign troops or agents who rule a subject people against its own interests, on behalf of the alien occupiers.

GOVERNMENT: a minority of individuals who have the authority to shoot the majority and/or to levy taxes upon them.

LIBERAL: a ZOG-denier; one who goes where Nazis fear to tread; a useful idiot.

ZOG-LOVER: a Zionist, jew or Gentile.

ZOG-DENIER: a useful idiot who is likely to fall afoul of the ZOG.

ZOG-BUSTER: one who resists the ZOG.

ZOGNERD: a government clerk.

ZOGMOBILE: a police car.

ZOGGULAG: a jail or prison.

ZOGWOG: an Asiatic employee of the government.

ZOGWENCH: a female employee of the government.

ZOGTOM: a Black employee of the government.

ZOGLING or ZOGDOG: any employee of the government.

ZOG-THUG: an armed employee of the government.

ZOG-TURD: a taxpayer, i.e., that which is consumed and excreted by the ZOG.

ZOG-PROP: lies and disinformation purveyed by the jewsmedia; prole-feed; Goy-poison. The message is usually: "Sleep", "Obey", as revealed in the film, "They Live".

FEDZOGUSA: The United States government.

CALZOG: The government of the State of California, etc.

MEXZOG: The government of Mexico.

CANZOG: The government of Canada.

USZOGLAND: The United States of America.

CANZOGLAND: Soviet Canuckistan alias Canada.

BUNDESZOGLAND: Zionist Occupied Germany.

BRITZOGLAND: Zionist Occupied Britain.

NATURALIZATION: an unnatural process whereby aliens are given equal status or better than natives.

BIOPOLITICS: what every species of hominid practices from birth until death.

GEOPOLITICS: an erroneous myth which posits that all hominid species are equal, and that geographical location confers power and wealth. Were Blacks to occupy the "world heartland" of geopolitics, all we would have would be a bunch of cold, starving niggers.

BANKSTER: any thief empowered to create money out of nothing and charge interest thereon.

COUNTERFEITER: a thief who prints money, but cannot charge interest thereon.

JUDICIARY: pronounced "jew-diciary". 'Nuff said.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF CORRUPTION: Official capital of Uszogland, alias Tel Aviv West.

ZITS: Zionist International Terrorists, alias Mossad, FBI, ATF, KGB et al. These ZOG-THUGS are hired to use lethal force on those whom the jews cannot bribe or bamboozle. Every ZOG-BUSTER should pop ZITS whenever an opportunity arises.


I am sure creative Aryans can come up with more words to describe the enemies of humanity, but for now, THEY LIVE, WE SLEEP.

OUR RACE IS OUR NATION! (February 1999)