by Eric Thomson

A recent New York Times article 'explained' the philosophical origins of the sign for the new Euro currency, which looks like a letter 'c' with an equal sign drawn through it. The writer of the article was critical of this 'eurocratic' emblem, glyph, sign or logo since it lacked the traditional basis of the pound sign which derives from the Latin libra, etc. When one considers the symbols and abbreviations for other currencies, such as the franc, the schilling, the kronor, the mark, the peseta, the dinar et al., one draws a blank in regard to the dollar sign. The word, "dollar", is derived from the German word, "Thaler", which means "from the valley", referring to a coin which was issued by some mint which resided in some German valley. This is a natural derivation, such as calling the Continental Dollar a "Continental", the early currency issued by The Continental Congress of the American Revolution, neither of which were worth a damn, as we understand when someone says, " ... not worth a Continental." But this leaves us in the dark in regard to the adoption of a sign which would be more appropriate for representing the Austrian Schilling. If a White man were to follow his own logic, a dollar sign would be a "D" with some simple addition to denote its status as a currency, rather than a letter of the alphabet. So why the dollar sign?

The simple fact was that the founders of the United States of America weren't exactly White men. They were, in the vast majority, Freemasons, whose fondest desire it is to "rebuild the temple of King Solomon" as jew-slaves, but who, in the meantime, are content to practice a weird combination of Egyptian sex magic, Satanism and cabalistic alchemy. The dollar sign, like The Great Seal of the United States, which was designed by Charles Thomson, another Freemason and secretary at the signing of The Declaration of Independence, is a freemasonic creature or device which is endowed with occult significance, even though it is publicly displayed to us, "the profane", as Freemasons call us. The dollar sign can be drawn with one pillar or two. As one Freemason explained to me, thinking I was "a member of the craft": the two pillars represent pillars of Solomon's Temple; the S figure is "the snake of Solomon." In the case of the single pillar dollar sign, we are looking at the snake which is superimposed upon The Tree of Knowledge. As the jew-book says, that snake is Satan. One wonders if this snake is the same as that of the mythical King Solomon. Why would Freemasons adopt satanic symbolism? As freemasonic grand panjandrum Albert Pike admitted in his letter to his freemasonic brethren: "Freemasonic doctrine must be maintained in its luciferian purity." That is who "supports our work" as expressed by the motto, "ANNUIT COEPTIS", which one sees above the Evil Eye on top of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill. Could it be any plainer than that? Some good-hearted Goyim say that our new motto, "In God We Trust", which was adopted around the time of the anti-White Eisenhower regime would explain who 'he' is, but I point out that "god" is a generic term. Every god has a name, as Yahweh would have us believe, when he beats out another god named Dagon, according to jew mythology. One man's god could be Yahweh, Jesus, Satan, Odin, Ra, Zeus, Jupiter, etc. It is like referring to Messrs. Smith, Jones, Brown et al. as "man", and it is just as ridiculous, for gods and men are quite different from one another. It could be that Mr. Smith is a crook, just as it is true that Yahweh is a jew-god. Since I am neither a crook, nor a jew, I would have no wish to deal with either. To call Smith "man" and Yahweh "god" is both irrelevant and misleading. One can test this statement by going into a restaurant and ordering "food", or by going to a car dealership and ordering "car". When the waitress asks you what food you'd like, you can keep telling her "food", since there can be "only one food". In short order, you will find yourself the subject of a psychiatric evaluation.

Since we know who devised the dollar sign and chose it to symbolize the dollar, its significance becomes apparent, exactly as the upside-down pentacle was adopted to symbolize the satanic presence in The Congressional Medal of Honor. Why should Satanists not adopt satanic symbols? The 'S' part of the dollar sign can represent the biblical snake, but it can also represent 'slavery', for that is what the dollar has become: debt-slavery, just as Freemason Ben Franklin predicted in his warning to Congress about the folly of admitting jews into the country. It is typical of freemasonic doctrine that the symbols remain, but their substance changes. At one stage of initiation, the Freemason is taught that the letter "G" means "God". Later, he is taught that it means "Gnosis", etc.

On the more practical level, the dollar was adopted as the currency of The United States of America, in opposition to Bank of England currency, which the Crown sought to impose upon the American colonies. This was the OTHER part of "taxation without representation", for Bank of England currency was debt-based and "created out of nothing". By allowing the imposition of Bank of England currency, the American colonists would have subjected themselves to the same form of alien domination and debt-slavery which we now experience at the hands of the so-called Federal Reserve, which is a private bank owned by the same criminals as own The Bank of England et al. The last non-jew central bank to exist in this century was The Bank of Germany, under the National Socialist government. The political leaders who issued debt-free currency in this century were Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, Adolf Hitler and John F. Kennedy. The only Soviet Bloc dictator who was killed during the transition from kosher communism to kosher capitalism was Ceaucescu of Romania, under whose rule Romania had no national debt. Now Romania has joined all the other non-sovereign, debt slave countries, including the U.S.A.

For a long time, U.S. dollars had different origins and different backing. There were 'gold-backs' or gold certificates which could be redeemed in gold coins or their equivalent. There were silver certificates redeemable in silver dollars, and there were 'greenbacks' or United States Notes issued directly by the U.S. Treasury, as initiated by President Lincoln. This money was paid into existence, interest-free, and was the hallmark of a sovereign state. By an act of treason called The Federal Reserve Act, the power to create money was put into the hands of alien criminals by Congress. Every Congress thereafter exists in violation of the oath of office, which includes "the defense of The U.S. Constitution", for The Constitution specifically charges Congress with the inalienable power "to coin money, regulate the value thereof..." In 1913, Congress gave away this power, and along with it, the sovereignty of The United States. The American Revolution was undone and the blood of brave freedom-fighters was truly shed in vain. This betrayal of U.S. sovereignty had happened twice before, under the influence of the half-jew, Alexander Hamilton, for the two "U.S. Banks" used Bank of England currency as partial backing for U.S. currency.

Why is debt-based currency bad money? It is bad because its production does not represent the things which money can buy: goods and services. It is bad, because its existence depends entirely upon the greed of the lenders. When the money supply is based upon productivity, there can be no inflation nor deflation. When it is based upon the decisions of money-lenders and speculators, the money-supply is divorced from its utility as a means of exchange and it becomes a weapon for bankster-bandits who steal the value of people's work with inflation, their property with deflation and who enslave them with interest or usury. The only people who benefit from debt-based currency are the jews and their Zionist stooges. No nation can tolerate such a money system and survive, for it means sacrificing self-rule in exchange for alien slavery.


25 January 1999