RHODESIA TODAY by Eric Thomson (Liberty Bell April 1977)


Millions upon millions of White people have been robbed of everything they possessed save for the clothing on their backs. Thousands and thousands of young girls and women have been brutally gang-raped by savages at gunpoint or with a machete at their throats. Many hundreds have been horribly murdered, dying slow, agonizing deaths from spear wounds, being burnt alive or sawed in half by so-called "freedom fighters".

What took generations of back-breaking pioneer work, which taxed to the limit the White man's energy and ingenuity; the great achievements against overwhelming odds; the wresting of civilization, culture, prosperity and health from a savage wilderness – lost, all lost in a matter of hours.

Why is all this happening now? When did it start? Why is nobody stopping the spread of banditry which is beginning to victimize entire continents? Why is there not a single protest?

Undoubtedly, the French must have wondered why they were robbed of the fruits of their pioneering work in Algeria, Morocco and other places. Probably they are still wondering.

When England's war veterans were cheated out of their hard-earned farms in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania and elsewhere, they must have considered the injustice and hardship inflicted upon them. Many of them say they will not permit themselves to be robbed again, but there is no guarantee they won't be betrayed by their erroneously trusted governments.

The same fate befell the Dutch in Indonesia, the Belgians in the Congo, and now the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique; generations of effort stolen, abandoned or destroyed.

The American White, too, is paying a terrible price. He is being dispossessed "legally" by gun control laws and exorbitant taxation, driven out of his cities by block-busting, Jewish-negro real estate goons. His wife and daughters are mugged and raped with increasing frequency, his property stolen, his music niggerized and his children alienated.

How many realized that they were all partly responsible for their own disasters? Why, you may ask, how could this be possible?

Students of history can perceive a pattern in the White man's apparent will to self-negation. It is not as if the White man had a lemming instinct for self-destruction, but rather that he has, out of criminal laziness, let others, the aliens in his midst, take over the tiller of his racial destiny. He does not commit suicide, but passively plays the role of accomplice in his own murder.

To sample another revealing episode from recent history: After the defeat of Germany in 1945, the Allied Occupation Government adopted a policy of expelling nearly 20 million Germans from their ancestral homes. These Germans had migrated east around the time the British, Dutch, French, Spanish and Portuguese were moving into territories overseas. They were all pioneers, these eastern Germans. They fought, worked hard, carved out homes from the wilderness and settled. They were stalked by hunger, thirst and disease. They suffered cold, dampness, poverty and often found themselves surrounded by swarms of hostile natives. These were hardy, independent people indeed, to forsake the relative comfort of contemporary civilization for such an uncertain and difficult life as that in the east. Certainly they had a right to live where they had settled.

Yet, no White government protested against the expulsion of these pioneers' descendants. Nobody cared about their troubles, their loss of homes, the rape of their girls and women, the mass starvation of these innocent victims of the diabolical Morgenthau Plan. There were no protest demonstrations, no mass rallies to stop the Allied Governments' program of murder, rape and pillage. The silence was deafening!

The enemies of the White man have been with us, working in our midst, for a long time. Whatever the current name of the threat, whether it be "marxists", "bolsheviks", partisans, guerrillas, "freedom fighters", "armies of liberation", "popular fronts", the leaders then as now, are Jews. The absurd, idealistic-sounding slogans proved to be hollow, cynical rhetoric, just as we see today, robbery and murder – done in the name of "freedom", "equality", and "democracy".

Unaware of his racial identity for so long, the White Man is at long last united – united in shame, defeat, defilement and humiliation. In a daze he stands upon the stage of history, wearing his dunce's cap and docily holding the placard which his Jewish stage manager has handed him. It reads in big, bold letters: LOSER!

Will the trauma of defeat and disgrace finally waken the White Man from his stupor, his deathlike slumber? Will he finally decide for himself that enough is enough? That from this moment on, he is going to fight back furiously to repel the invaders, to hang the traitors and to execute the collaborators and enemies in his midst?

The time has come, White Man, to remember your past, to restore the pride of your race. Be what you are – strong, forthright, resourceful, and you will be victorious. In Unity is Strength – Action is the Answer.



Ever since the government of Ian Smith declared its Unilateral Declaration of Independence in 1965, the forces of the Right have clad Rhodesia with the shining armor of Defender of the Faith. Hundreds of young men have flocked to the green and white banner of the "rebel regime" to serve the forces of "anti-communism" not only at great risk to life and limb, but also at the cost of being charged as "war criminals" or "traitors" under the law. Idealistic young men like Cpl. John Coey have died in vain for the subtly-programmed sellout of White interests in Rhodesia, and it would appear that others will follow him if the truth is not made known.

These young White Men who are at this moment risking their lives to "secure Rhodesia's borders", while they are being betrayed right now in Rhodesia's capital, Salisbury, are needed here, in the besieged Western Hemisphere where the White Man is threatened, but where he still has a chance to resist. The Struggle for White Survival in Canada and the United States is no less demanding and in many ways is more onerous than the life of military combat up at the "sharp end" of Rhodesia.

Up until the final betrayal of the troops by the Portuguese Government, the soldiers enjoyed regular rations, military accommodation, comradeship, suitable arms with which to defend themselves, and freedom from constant harassment of persons who did not agree with their aims. Certainly, they were in a combat situation, but as any walker of our urban streets can testify, you have only to go out your front door to enter a combat zone which is growing steadily more deadly week by week. Thus the soldier in Rhodesia has the material and psychological support which the fighter for White Racial Survival lacks in Canada and the U.S.A., but who does not face the prospect of immediate betrayal and hand-over to alien government as does the White Rhodesian soldier.

Why has Rhodesia adopted its current policy of surrender to anti-White interests? The following background report serves to explain the tragedy of Rhodesia, which is sure to herald the downfall of White-ruled South Africa if drastic and radical action is not soon taken.


Unless one keeps the demographic configuration in mind, Rhodesian politics become a welter of confusing motivations, at once as topsy-turvy and inscrutable as the ruins of Zimbabwe. As any first year student of political affairs learns (I do not say "political science", as politics is an art, not a science, despite the faddish computer jargonizers' insistence to the contrary.), politics is power, power applied to and growing out of groups of people. Thus, the "who" in politics is all-important. Who are the groups in Rhodesia which hold or seek political power?

The Blacks

Certainly the most numerous group in Rhodesia, the Blacks, thanks to White medicine and charity have multiplied far beyond their original numbers since the arrival of the White settlers. In 1894, the Black population numbered only a few hundred thousand. Now, after seven decades of "White exploitation", the negro populace comprises some six million and is the most rapidly growing population anywhere in Africa. Rhodesia's officially-quoted 3.5 percent annual growth rate is the highest recorded for Blacks throughout the entire African continent.

It has often been pointed out that, had the blacks been unified, and not prone to chronic bouts of inter-tribal warfare, they would have made short work of the White settlers. Fortunately for the Whites, Black unity never occurred, nor has it to this day. In addition to his congenital short-sightedness, the Black Man is naturally an authoritarian. The Whites have, up until now, been accepted as super-chiefs who exercise their authority by

right of conquest, the only right the African understands and respects. As a piccanin, the African learns that there is only one right answer, and that is what he is told by his elder. To approach such a person with a political choice which he must decide upon as an individual, is to sow utmost confusion and at the same time, to create the impression of abject weakness on the part of the rulers. The sun of the African continent illuminates all objects in stark contrast, and politics is no exception: one is either "right" or "wrong" and there is no doubt whatsoever when one rules or is ruled. To talk of "power sharing" in the African context is therefore to talk utter nonsense. Power sharing, as occurs in countries such as Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, et. al., is merely synonymous for black rule (or misrule, which is certainly more appropriate).

To run the risk of making liberal hearts bleed, one must emphatically state that the Black Man is not a White Man with a dark complexion. He is genetically and culturally unique, and must be treated as the different person he is, otherwise Western traditions of parliamentary democracy, religion, personal initiative, and freedom become mere travesties, bad jokes in a savage minstrel show. The African Black has always known dictatorship. It is what he understands and feels most comfortable with, as, witness the speedy changeover from multi-party to one-party rule in virtually all the independent black countries. For the Black African, dissent, however loyal, is a luxury which he cannot afford.

The Black Man of Africa is still a tribesman, despite any possible veneer he might have of Western Civilization and White manners. His loyalty is primarily to his extended family and to his tribal chief, who is the intercessor between him and the spirit world of his ancestors. Regardless of his urban and European-style sophistication, the cases of an African's disregarding of tribal law and custom in the interests of personal gain are so rare as to be nonexistent. This bond of custom holds true even for the supposedly "Christianized" African who honors tribal obligations "just to be on the safe side".

As the tribe looms so large in terms of African mentality, it is relevant to describe the tribal divisions in Rhodesia, especially as they reflect divisions of political loyalty.

The Shona Tribe

These people comprise the major tribal group in Rhodesia and appropriately occupy that part of the country known as Mashonaland. Like all of the large tribes, the Mashona, as they are more correctly named, are made up of sub tribes and extended family groups which are themselves sub-divided into Kraals. The typical African kraal is reflective of the traditional polygamous society. Each male of means possesses so many wives, each occupying her own separate hut in the kraal area. The wives are valued highly as they do all the heavy labor and produce boys to watch the cattle and girls who will be sold at a profit to other men who can afford the bride-price either in cattle or other goods, including cash. However, the traditional African measure of wealth is neither land nor money, but cattle, no matter how mangy or decrepit the beasts. As the majority of African blacks live virtually outside the cash economy, it is thus meaningless and even misleading to make financial comparisons on a money basis with the non-black. All the Black Man needs are provided within the tribal economy and the gew-gaws of modern industrial technology, no matter how desirable, remain as frills.

As one might imagine, the Mashona are numerous, the most numerous in Rhodesia, outnumbering the other tribes at a ratio of nearly 4 to 1. Never great warriors, they survived the raids of the Matabele to a certain extent by their wits, but to a far greater extent by their ability to breed in large numbers. As the Matabele raids were stopped by the White settlers, Mashona breeding habits became all to evident.

The Matabele

This warrior people, led by the Zulu Chieftain, Mzilikazi, were coming north as they fled the wrath of the Zulu King, Chaka. They met the Mashona who were migrating south, with disastrous results to the latter. The Matabele, like the Mashona, are made up of sub tribes who speak a similar language. The Matabele speak Sindebele, derived in large part from Zulu, and the Mashona speak Chishona, a completely different language. The Matabele are not nearly so numerous as the Mashona, although there is no brake on their breeding, but the great quantitative disparity between the two tribes has been attributed to the reliance of the Matabele on toughness and bravery rather than numbers.

Other tribes

The Manicas and Macalangas and several lesser tribes link themselves in alliance with the two major tribes and lack the importance of numbers and influence on the political scene.

One thing which should be remembered when one considers the question of "majority rule" that is, Black rule in Rhodesia, is that the Blacks, with the White Man, will continue to multiply against their own best interests and without the White Man, the Blacks will starve. In the face of famine, the question of who becomes president is merely of academic interest.


The Coloreds

These unfortunates are mainly the mixed race offspring of Blacks and Whites, but they include a certain Asian admixture as well. They are indeed unfortunates, for they are despised by both Black and White alike. They are prolific breeders and their numbers are increasing rapidly, although they make up only a small fraction of the total Rhodesian population. Generally they occupy unskilled or semi-skilled jobs, but due to their antagonistic attitude, fostered by their relationship to the society as a whole, the Coloreds seem incapable of holding steady employment, maintaining stable family relationships, or simply keeping out of jail. Many Coloreds sympathize with Black aspirations, but the more knowledgeable realize that the Blacks neither consider them to be Black, nor "brothers". The Coloreds are the living dead of Africa.

The Asians

Originally brought in as coolies to work on the South African cane fields, as such work was too strenuous for the Blacks, most Asians trace their origins to India or Pakistan. These comprise the major portion of Rhodesia's Asian community, and it is of interest to note that the small group of Chinese hold themselves aloof from the other Asians and are considered to be "Europeans" under Rhodesian law. As they have done in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia, the Asians support Black rule. They think they can rule the Blacks with their money power as puppet-masters, behind the scenes, but Uganda has been an unpleasant reminder of what will happen to them when the Whites are no longer in power.

The Jews of Rhodesia are of largely Khazar ancestry and therefore qualify as Asians, although they are adept as "passing for White". Let us not be confused, however, as the Jews do not see themselves as White. A recent incident in Bulawayo underlined this fact of the Jews' racial outlook: A local Jew who runs an insurance agency and is also part owner of a prostitution ring, objected strenuously to a White storekeeper's insistence that a Black customer possess reasonable collateral for a large purchase on credit. The Jew phoned the storekeeper and informed him that "you White people should realize that you live in Rhodesia on sufferance. When will YOU WHITE PEOPLE learn that your power is gone and that you are finished?" Yet these Jews exert themselves to be given consideration as White people. They are the human chameleons among us.

The Whites

This group is predominantly British and Afrikaaner (Whites of Dutch and French ancestry who came from South Africa). A more recent White influx of Greek and Portuguese form the bulk of the remainder.

Many of the "British" Rhodesians came from South Africa and others have come from Britain when it was still "Great". They have made their homes in Rhodesia, but still look toward Britain as their "real home", unlike the Afrikaaner who is Rhodesian in both mind and body. The fantasy world of the "British" Rhodesian creates a peculiar split in his thinking. He tries to behave as though he were living in a glorified English suburb – glorified, because no English member of the middle-class enjoys the amenities of posh accommodation, sunshine, leisure, food and servants as does his Rhodesian counterpart. Despite the good life in Rhodesia, these ersatz Englishmen usually keep their British or South African passports in order and are never quite "all there". They never seem to respond fully or appropriately to their Rhodesian surroundings.

The controlled newsmedia are happy to pander to this schizophrenia. Rhodesians are fed a steady propaganda diet of trivial happenings in the U.K. which are guaranteed to alienate Whites of non-British ancestry. In addition to trivia, there are large portions of completely gratuitous anti-German propaganda to remind the numerous Colonel Blimps that whatever the skullduggery, "the dreaded Hun" is always at the bottom of it. No punches are pulled to prevent any birth of White Unity.

Thus, we see the Rhodesian of British ancestry drifting off into the sunset of his own foggy little world, unable to face up to Rhodesia's problems as a full-fledged Rhodesian. Sleep on, ersatz Englishman, but beware the rude awakening!

The Rhodesian of Afrikaaner extraction is traditionally a farmer and his hereditary attachment to the land causes him a lot of exasperation when he views the mad giveaways of the befuddled Britons. Nevertheless, he sees the necessity for White Unity far more than his "British" counterpart and he intends to stay in Rhodesia. The Afrikaaner knows that the forces working to betray White Rule in Rhodesia are the same evil forces which are intent upon the destruction of White South Africa. He knows that he must make his stand on the Zambesi or it will be no use making one on the Limpopo (border river between Rhodesia and South Africa). Apparently this Rhodesian's contact with the soil gives him in general a wisdom which the often better-schooled "Englishman" will never possess in Africa.

The Greeks and Portuguese are hard-working immigrants, but whether they can overcome the self-imposed barriers of culture and language in time to make a full contribution to the very necessary cause of White Unity remains an open question.

The Portuguese have experienced the traumatic explosion of their 500-year-old experiment in multi-racialism and know what black banditry in the name of "majority rule" would mean. That is more than one can say about many other White Rhodesians who are lulled by "it can't happen here" lies of the liberals and their Jewish paymasters, all of which leads us to:

The Anti-Whites

Arrayed against the White Rhodesian is an unholy alliance of pseudo-Whites who utilize every means to bring about the elimination of the only creative people in the country. These racial renegades are working for the most part, unwittingly on behalf of the C.I.A. Zionist-communist conspirators who wish to see the end of White Rule and progress in Southern Africa. The most charitable statement applicable to the following traitors is "they know not what they do".

The Political Prostitutes

Judas "did his thing" for 30 pieces of silver. One wonders what individuals like Smith and Vorster received in exchange for the future of their children and grandchildren, not to mention the future of their millions of White racial brothers and sisters. One may try to rationalize treason by claiming that "...someone else would have done it if I had not. Besides, I like being Prime Minister, don't 'cha know. I needed the votes and I needed the Jews' money to get them." Can you blame him? If you can't, your children surely will. The traitors have taken the field, White Man. Why do you stand here idle? We are seeing the truth of the adage that "for evil to triumph, it is only necessary that good men do nothing".

The Masons


How it is possible for a responsible White person to join a society about which he will know less than one tenth during his entire lifetime is a real mind boggler. To think that otherwise scrupulous and practical men and women devote so much of their energies, time, and money, to an organization which is virtually unknown to them and always will be, makes one despair for human intelligence. Yet, the proof is right in front of us because we see thousands of such normally sensible people joining the Masons and their female subsidiary, the Eastern Star Society. Ask any one of these cheerful, innocent dupes about their society and they will tell you that Freemasonry is a charitable institution whose aim is "helping one's fellow man". Even a casual examination of the organization's takings compared to their outgo on "charity" would disclose a huge surplus of funds, tempting one to ask just what charity these sums are earmarked for. Somehow, these low-grade initiates remain unaware of the Freemasons' subversive role in politics, most recently in Chile where their influence brought the well-known Marxist and Freemason, Salvador Allende to power. Somehow, the minor Masons remain ignorant of their "brothers" persecution of the churches and their initiation of chaos and bloodbaths like the terror of the French and Bolshevik revolutions. If they are uninformed in regard to the events amply documented in history, they are abysmally ignorant of the obscene goings on at the very summit of their organizational pyramid.

It has been proved conclusively that the highest circles of Freemasonry disavow Christianity and in its stead worship Lucifer as "the source of light and knowledge" according to the black magic rituals prescribed in the Hebrew Kabbala. At each degree of "ascent" the initiate must perform even fouler acts of self-abnegation and defilement until he becomes a guilty member of this conspiracy of silence which few have the courage to betray as they virtually condemn themselves to death by doing so. Yet, there are always those few who prefer at last to gain their souls by losing their satanic power in this world, and it is from these few saints that we have learned the hideous truth which is cloaked under the multi-layered garment of Masonic huggermuggery. The Jews rule Freemasonry from the very top, using the duped goyim as a pool of funds and genius which can be tapped on a no-questions-asked basis. The gentile innocently believes that membership in the Masonic order will gain him advancement in society, while the Jew knows that through control of the Masons, he will gain society itself.

Unfortunately, this alien-dominated conspiracy has many servants in Rhodesia who comprise a large proportion of the white population. The largest corporations are controlled by the "brotherhood".

Rhodesia Railways, for example, boasts of nearly one-hundred percent membership among its middle and high-level management. What is not bragged about is that Rhodesia Railways is perpetually operating at a loss, despite the fact that it has a virtual transportation monopoly in Rhodesia. As any first-year student of business administration learns, a profit-making business, which Rhodesia Railways purports to be, should not run at a loss. If it does, the fault lies entirely upon its management. Any manager who cannot run his business or department at a profit is patently either incompetent – or crooked. It is obviously up to the Rhodesian taxpayer who subsidizes this Masonic Railway to discover the correct alternative.

Strangely enough, Rhodesian Masons do not appear to be worried about the possibility of a Black takeover. Their "good friends", Solly and Izzey have assured them that the "brotherhood" will look after them in another country, should they be forced to leave.

The Christian Clergy

As Christianity is officially "color-blind" and preaches a "brotherhood of faith" rather than a "brotherhood of blood", the Christian message has lent itself to the doctrine of racial amalgamation by the negrophilist churchmen. Only the Dutch Reformed Church, founded by the beleaguered Afrikaaners, makes a conscious separation of Christian spiritual values from the specious sociology of the racial renegades.

The majority of White Christians are treated to the spectacle of enforced race-mixing in parochial schools, a constant bombardment of race-mixing propaganda and public statements from high-ranking clergymen who announce their support of black rule, all supported by the White parishioners' donations. As a result, many devout Whites are leaving the churches with empty offering plates. The World Council of Churches' advocacy of financial support for terrorist movements also had a marked effect on church revenues in Rhodesia. But there is ample money for mischief received from abroad for the continuance of such "good works".

The missionaries deserve special mention in our gallery of infamy as they sow most of their dragon's teeth among the tribal Africans who form the vast majority of Rhodesia's black populace. After showing the tribesmen how to ape Christian religious services, the missionary instructs him in new values which alienate him from his previous, contented way of life. The African is taught that all the benefits of White Civilization (including, of course, White Women) should now be his because he has memorized Bible passages by rote and can read and write on a grade school level. Because such Black "scholars" rarely find themselves employed in high-salaried executive jobs, they are prone to feel themselves victims of "racial discrimination".

As if the raising of an army of discontented black "intellectuals" were not enough mischief, the missionary also trains the previously contented and harmless Black in trades and other skills so that they may displace White workers and tradesmen.


If one were to study Rhodesia apart from any political considerations one would find a virtually self-sufficient economic entity, moreover, one with a large surplus of items very much in demand all over the world. Rhodesia not only feeds her own people, but exports a wide variety of foodstuffs, its tobacco is the best in the world, and its chromium and other minerals are essential commodities for all industrialized countries. It has an abundant supply of coal which could serve to generate electric power and supply organic chemistry with its chief raw material. The exploitation of Rhodesia's natural resources is well-developed, although there is much room for further growth.

Rhodesian industry is well along in all three sectors of production; primary, secondary and tertiary, despite economic downturns and United Nations sanctions. Mining and farming thrive. Steel mill production can supply a large portion of Rhodesia's heavy industrial needs. Light manufacturing is booming, both in textiles as well as metals, ceramics, plastics and wood. The service industry is well-developed, and if one may consider household servants as members of the service industry, then Rhodesia's tertiary industry is second to none. After over ten years of "economic warfare", the visitor or resident of Rhodesia lacks few of the modern comforts and enjoys incomparable leisure and a high standard of living besides.

But there is a kosher fly in this pudding. The Jews run the Rhodesian economy and right now they are running it into the ground and blaming the economic doldrums on "sanctions". They are violating their own currency control regulations in order to export vast amounts of capital gained in Rhodesia. They own 90 percent of the Reserve Bank. That means the Jews lend the Rhodesian Government pieces of paper so that the Government may issue its own bits of paper. It also means that the Jews can restrict the supply of money for their own reasons, causing unemployment, or create inflation and thus wipe out the savings of dumb, honest goyim. This power over the money supply the Jews also possess in the U.S.A. and U.K. and most other countries of Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Harry Oppenheimer, linked with the Bilderberger conspiracy, is the head Hebrew controlling the vast, octopus-like Anglo-American Corporation which owns or has interests in every major enterprise in Rhodesia and South Africa. He controls the diamonds, most of the gold, vast tracts of land, newspapers, transport firms, factories steel mills, but that is not enough to satisfy him.

Right now, Mr. Oppenheimer wants to get his copper out of Zambia, the cheapest way possible, which is via Rhodesia Railways, the only railway system functioning with some degree of efficiency now that most of the others have been "Africanized". In fact, Africanization has been synonymous for stoppage, theft and virtual sabotage. However, what Mr. Oppenheimer wants is to hand over Rhodesia with its efficient, well-maintained and well-operated railway to a Black government, thus wiping away sanctions and speeding the flow of copper and other minerals out of Zambia. To attain his goal, Mr. Oppenheimer is willing to sell the White Rhodesian down the river and he is exerting every pressure he can bring to bear on the Rhodesian Government, in collaboration with his fellows who, as has been stated, wield a disproportionate amount of power in the Rhodesian economy.

Although mentioned in passing, Jewish control of the Reserve Bank of Rhodesia is of great importance, not only for Rhodesia, but for countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, whose people like to believe that the creation of the national currency is strictly controlled by their elected governments. As in Rhodesia, this is not the case. The Reserve Bank of Rhodesia is only 10 percent owned by the Rhodesian Government. The other 90 percent belongs to Mr. Oppenheimer of the Anglo-American Corporation and his henchmen.

In a viable national economy, that is, in a country which can use the fruits of its own soil to feed, clothe and house all of its people and provide them with lots of worthwhile extras besides, there is no excuse for debt-based currency. As any first-year student of economics learns, the supply of money should represent the supply of goods and services in the national economy. This means that the supply and therefore the value of money is inescapably linked to the diligence of the country's people and to the fruitfulness of its soil. In a viable economy, money should be PAID, not BORROWED into existence.

Economies like Japan and the U.K. are not viable as they must rely on foreign trade in order to make up for the products their land cannot supply. Conversely, countries like the Soviet Union, China, India, Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Mexico, Venezuela, to name a few, are non-viable, not because of deficiencies in the soil, but because of deficiencies in their people. For this lack, such countries have become net importers of food, although their lands are clearly capable of producing vast surpluses for export, if only they were occupied by a different people with a more productive set of values.

Like the U.S. and Canada, Rhodesia has an inherently viable, self-sufficient economy. It is obvious that such countries do not need foreign loans to carry on their development when the working capital, the land, the skilled labor and the machines are already there. It is manifestly absurd that such a country place itself in hock to the international finance gangsters who lend its government bits of foreign paper (at a high rate of interest) so that it can print its own bits of paper.

"So what?" some may say, provided they have kept their eyes away from the boob-tube and have managed to read this far. "Money is money, isn't it?"

That's just it, debt-based money is not like other money which may be backed by gold or more directly, by the Gross National Product. Debt-based money is controlled not by the borrower, in this case the government, but by the lender who may reduce or increase the money supply at will, simply by raising or lowering the rate of interest at which the so-called "National" Bank lends money to the other banks and building societies. If, for example, the interest rate goes up, even by one percent, businessmen may be unable to hire additional workers or maintain production. The resulting recession may easily throw a million workers out of jobs. If, on the other hand, the rate of interest is reduced, money becomes cheap. Prices rise and honest men and women see their savings vanish.

With debt as the basis of currency, there is no relationship between the money supply and the supply of goods and services, as we saw in the so-called "Great" Depression of the thirties. The money supply only relates to Jewish profit at the expense of White People, as it is the Jewish money-lenders who are responsible for the devastating fluctuations in the money supply. The decision as to how much money will be created rests with KOSHER CAPITALISTS like Oppenheimer, Rothschild, Baruch, Schiff, Greenspan, Simon, Burns(tein), Samuelson, Friedman, etc. ad nauseam.

Another aspect to the economic question in Rhodesia is that of labor. Ever since the settlement of a large White Community in Southern Africa, the White worker has been under constant attack. Every day the artisan, the transport driver, the clerk, must struggle to keep their jobs in the face of mounting pressure from anti-White businessmen and Blacks trained at White expense, or even by the White worker himself. The employer sees Black workers as "cheap" because he pays them very low wages, but the Black is never cheap, since he makes up the difference in wages by receiving massive subsidies from the White taxpayer and by what he steals. The cost of Black thievery is considered an overhead and is passed on to the consumer who usually happens to be White.

Right now, the job situation for the White worker in Rhodesia is grim, indeed. He finds himself increasingly absent from work due to military call up, and despite White union protests, he sees his job "fragmented" into numerous simple tasks which Blacks can mimic and remember. One day he returns from military duty to discover his Black tool boy in possession of his job and a sweetly-worded note of dismissal in his pay envelope. "Get lost, Whitey!" Yes, but where will he go? And so, another White Man and his family leaves Rhodesia.

Regarding the displacement of White workers, the brilliant and perceptive Ernest Sevier Cox has this to say in his great book, WHITE AMERICA:

"We have found that in all parts of Southern Africa it exercises a dominant influence on the life and habits of the White population – colored labor, inefficient though it is, is cheaper to the employer for unskilled work than White labor. When the White Man does, therefore, get unskilled labor to do he is paid a wage based on Kaffir standards of work, which is barely sufficient to keep body and soul together. The native can subsist on a far lower wage than the White Man because he has a subsidiary source of livelihood in the produce of his tribal lands and the labor of his women and children. The male native practices plural marriage – his wives and children support him, enabling him to work for remuneration impossible to the White Man.

"A White civilization cannot he maintained without a White population, a White population cannot permanently exist without a White laboring class, and a White laboring class cannot continue under conditions which prevent White men from maintaining themselves and families."

Before we go on to a brief political history of Rhodesia

so as to throw light on current events, it should be pointed out that, while British colonies like Kenya and Zambia had their economies controlled by international finance gangsters, Rhodesia, controlled by the same clique, has one major difference: White Men still form the majority of the country's skilled workers. They own their homes, farms and small businesses and comprise 50 percent of Rhodesia's armed forces. Thus, these Whites have everything they love and possess in Rhodesia and nowhere else. For this reason they might be excused for not handing over their beautiful country with a masochistic whimper, accompanied by the liberals chanting a chorus of mea culpas. These honest, determined, hard-working Whites are the very people who made the dreams of the great schemer, Cecil Rhodes, become realities and these same people now are seen by Rhodes' scheming successors as an embarrassing brake upon their plot to appease the Blacks' childishly petulant "demands" for immediate Black misrule.


Around the turn of the century, Cecil Rhodes, a Mason and "shabas goy" for the Jews, saw the conquest and settlement of that area, now called Rhodesia (Zimbabwe!) as a key stepping-stone for the realization of his own designs and those of his secret society masters in what is now the Republic of South Africa. Outwardly, the aim was to achieve an extension of the British Empire on the route of the "Cape to Cairo Railway". A lesser known, but all-important aim was to confine the Afrikaaners to the Northern Transvaal region. The Afrikaaner was even then the enemy of the international financiers who were able on two occasions to dupe the British into fighting their White racial brethren. These infamous fratricides became known as the "Boer Wars", "Boer", meaning farmer, a term for the Afrikaaner. The conflicts have left a still-festering wound on the body of White Unity in Southern Africa.

By swindling the chief of the Matabele with an ambiguously-worded document known as the Rudd Concession, Rhodes began his occupation of the territory, first by sending the Pioneer Column into Mashonaland. The Matabele were later to attempt the expulsion of the Whites who occupied their traditional hunting preserve in which they (the Matabele) "washed" their spears in Mashona blood and plundered slaves and cattle. But thanks to White tenacity and the fire power of the Maxim Gun, the first great attempt to expel the Whites, made in the 1890's, was unsuccessful. Although rankled by the strange ways of the Whites, the Blacks settled down for the next sixty years and enjoyed unprecedented peace and prosperity, as evident from the huge increase of the black population. The White Man, a minority group like the Matabele, assumed rule as Chief so long as he had the will to rule. This system was familiar and acceptable to the Black man, as he neither knew nor tolerated any other form of government. (He still doesn't and they are burning our cities down. Ed)

But trouble came in the 1960's as Blacks became restive. The White Man had become tired from his idiotic wars and too "civilized" to rule with strength and decisiveness. The tired men and traitors of Whitehall wished to see Rhodesia fall into the black abyss as had Kenya, Northern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland. The sissified, indecisive government under the nearsighted fool, Whitehead, indicated to the African politicians that the door to White surrender was ajar and needed only a push to swing it open. The push, administered by a gaggle of Black "Nationalist" groups led by Joshua Nkomo and his stooges, came in the form of mutilations, murder, riots, strikes, stonings, petrol bombings and general crimes against the people, the victims being mostly Black. It was evident that the majority of Blacks were being intimidated into supporting their would be Black masters.

Out of this festering caldron of Whitehall treason, Rhodesian Government wavering and chaos came not Black rule, but White determination in the form of the Rhodesian Front Party. The Whites wrested back the steering wheel of their own destiny and for ten years, held the Rhodesian ship of state on a course leading to survival.

Terrorist groups posing as "loyal opposition" were banned, leaders detained and their murdering thugs tried and hanged under due process of law. Except for loud squeals from racial renegades of the left-wing media, peace, order and prosperity for all races were restored by this reaffirmation of White Rule. Once again, Black men could leave home for work, knowing that they would return to find their families and possessions intact and not horribly tortured, mutilated and burned. Rhodesians were happy, but the international schemers of finance were not.

"Settlement", that is, a negotiated sellout to Black rule, was proclaimed as the great panacea, as if Rhodesia's sheltered economy had something to gain from participation in a worldwide depression! Settlement with a no longer great Britain was propagandized in the news-media, pressure exerted by Oppenheimer, and "talks" began between the Government and Black terrorist leaders, several of whom were released from detention. The security forces, on the point of stamping out the last remnants of terrorism in Rhodesia, were halted in mid-stride. Soon, the Black tribesmen noted the renewed wavering of the White government and once again cast their lots with those who had the will to rule – the terrorists.

Many founder-members of the Rhodesian Front Party viewed the signs of sellout on the part of their own party with disgust and resigned, leaving the R.F.P. in the hands of ever leftward-leaning and surrender-prone flunkies of the Smith-Oppenheimer regime. Splinter parties formed on the Right, all with the same discontented Rhodesian Frontiers and all espousing the original platform of the betrayed R.F.P., with the major plank of White Rule and maintenance of civilized (therefore, White) standards.

After failure to attract a large following among the Whites, these splinter parties comprising the same old, battle-weary war horses of the Right attempted to combat the bought-out R.F.P. Government with a program of "unity". The tired old kosher conservative slogans were dragged out, like the one about maintaining White Rule to save the Blacks from "communism", not mentioning of course that the black tribesman lives under a form of real communism which puts any Soviet bloc country to shame. White Men, so said these older statesmen of the Right, were necessary to insure that black Rhodesians got "fair" treatment, again making no mention that the Blacks neither understand nor appreciate White fairness (Amen. Ed). In other words, the White Man must remain in Rhodesia, not for his own benefit, but to protect the African from himself, a very dubious stewardship, indeed. Thus, the off-shoots of the moribund R.F.P. had little in their programs to advance the interest of the Whites and no plans at all to defeat the real enemies of the White Man, the international Zionist finance racketeers. Like all flabby kosher conservatives, the word for these crooks – Jew – was whispered in private, but never was the White Man's mortal enemy identified in public. As usual, the White Man was engaged in the futile exercise of attempting to out-sneak the super-sneaks of all time. The charade which fooled not the enemy, but only the White Man's friends, was being carried on while young Whites were fighting under severe government-imposed limitations against well-armed terrorist invaders whose leaders were being welcomed into the councils of the Rhodesian Government. It was high time for the White Man to stand up and assume his rightful place once more in Rhodesian history.

On 30 January, 1976, under the Aryan Cross, ancient symbol of the White Race, and the Rhodesian flag, young White soldiers and workers of Rhodesia publicly declared their intention of running Rhodesia for the benefit of the White Race, the Race which wrested civilization from the wilderness of black stagnation and savagery.

As long as this symbol of White Awakening remains and continues to grow, there is a chance, however slight, that Rhodesia will not crumble into a ruins called Zimbabwe, in spite of the back-room machinations of the international finance racketeers, the lying "news" media, a sold-out government, a two-thirds Black security force, the red churches and international hostility and aggression.

The newspapers' coverage of that historic occasion exploded like a bombshell over Rhodesia. The Jews were screaming for the government to ban the new party, THE RHODESIA WHITE PEOPLE'S PARTY, or at least deport all its members. Several members who came out publicly to support the party were removed from the Rhodesian security forces and deported to their countries of origin, but the Rhodesian citizens remained to carry on the struggle, despite the usual death threats and loss of employment.

Such insanity and treason perpetrated on the highest levels of government must cease. All over the White world we see the race traitors in power, persecuting the few racially conscious and therefor survival-oriented elements. Searches and seizures are trumped up. Freedom is denied as an infringement on certain pseudo-humanitarian statute laws. Incarceration, judicial persecution, retroactive tax assess-ments, deportation, every harassment that can be spawned by the fertile imaginations of our alien dominators and their race-traitor puppets, is used to trip and shackle the White Man.

The White giant is stirring, slowly awakening from his deadly slumber. He is beginning to break and cast off his golden shackles of mortgages and time payments, gas-guzzling road monsters, stereo systems which blare forth alien, nigger thumping and screeching, color TV sets which display White men and women grovelling at the feet of Black pimps and dope-peddlers. At long last, the truth is beginning to dawn on Whitey and he begins to see that the situation in Rhodesia is the rule, rather than the exception.

In order to survive and to recapture lost ground, White men and women everywhere are turning to the one emblem that drove the racial enemies to flight. In his study of history, the White man learns that only under the glorious Swastika Banner was the money power of the Jews checked and defeated. He is realizing that National Socialism and the Swastika are not German property. They are the White Man's beacon of light and hope.

The White man has not forgotten that the Aryan Cross, the Swastika, once fluttered at the very gates of the Kremlin, the crimson monster of communism lying wounded at its feet. Little Germany did it alone! Let now the entire White Race band together and we will be invincible.