21 September 2000
Dr. Mathis, a "true" Jew, may be opposed to reparations from the Germans and others, but I dare say not strongly. He does not  mention being in favor of reparations for the displaced Palestinians, nor the displaced Germans. Neither does he address the very Jewish, very widespread notion among Jews that their misery is somehow more to be pitied than that of any other people. While I get Jewish responses to my letters to the Arkansas Democrat, those that are uncomplimentary to the Jews, that are very personal and vituperative, I have yet to see a letter by a Jew, including the Jewish managing editor, Paul Greenberg, that takes to task the Zionists, or any other Jewish wing, for the excesses they do. Is Dr. Mathis a loner amongst the Jews?
The debate, I fear, has served its usefulness. I did not think that Dr. Mathis was a converted Aryan; he now admits that he is, in fact, a Jew by birth. How nice that a tree was planted in Israel in honor of his mother, though she was a Catholic. Proves Eric's point, I think: once a Jew always a Jew.

G. M. H.