09 August 2000
As Adolf Hitler states in Mein Kampf, just when you have a Jew cornered, he shifts ground as if you have won a point. However, the very next day he is back with the same argument all over again.

Cromwell was only one man (the Jew makes a big deal about Jews not having a Pope to speak for them) who could hardly speak for the people of England re "inviting" the Jews back into England. Actually, Cromwell needed money and found the quickest means of obtaining large sums was through borrowing from the Jews across the channel. In return for the loan, the Jews demanded that they be allowed to return to England. A pressured invite, not one out of desire to have such a "noble" lot back in England. Of course, Cromwell was an overly religious nut who probably did think that the Jews' god, yahweh, had made the "chosen ones" in his image. Too bad that Cromwell hadn't become a Wodenist during his "rump" days.