21 July 2000

I was quite chagrined by Mr. Thomson's statement that Marx's Jewish name was "Levy". Marx's name was Karl Heinrich Mordechai. This information can be found in a book written by Jews on who was/is Jewish. I would check some Jewish encyclopedia. As for Lenin, his mother's name was Blank before marrying Ulyanov, and Lenin's grandpa was indeed a Jew: Maximilian Blank. As for his maternal grandma, I don't know, but I would guess that she was a Jewess too.

As for Jewish mental cases, I must say that yes as a whole Jews do have more neurotic individuals that other ethnic groups. For example, back in my undergraduate. days I remember quite well Jews not only with mentally disturbed minds, but also genetically botched bodies. One Jew had a box for chest, while another "I-hate-the-goyim" type of Jew had one leg shorter than another. Also, one Jew was a social outcast while another was a bisexual, and over all, they spoke too much! Indeed, Jews might have higher IQ's, but creativity is a Nordic trait, and Jews don't have it. Jews are better agents of subterfuge and make better hucksters (like many Mediterraneans), and hence, might have a higher "bs-ing" ability, but it is the Nordics who have that certain divine spark for creation, and progress.

Jews have always been persecuted, surely. Yet, Dr. Mathis does miss a point, like many other Jewish apologists. The charge of deicide was not the ONLY reason for persecution of Jews, but rather part and parcel of a bigger picture. For example, Jews trafficked in White Christians, owned the liquor business in Poland (and other areas!), were behind White Slavery (i.e., prostitution), spoke badly of Whites in their Talmud, started communism and staffed it, pushed homosexuality in the Weimar Republic, ad nauseam. Indeed, Jews were trafficking in White flesh during Roman times! The Jews were hated for their usurious practices, their hatred of goyim, their general untrustworthiness even in ancient Rome. Both the Muslims and Christians leveled the blood-libel charge against them. So, I ask you Dr. Mathis, how could the sole charge of deicide be the reason for 2000 plus years of persecution?

I could not disagree with Dr. Mathis more when he discusses the "chosen-ness" of the Jews. Orthodox Jewry as well as atheistic, Zionist Jewry, all believe in innate Jewish superiority. "Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel" by Shahak and Mezvinsky eloquently point this out. Jewry believes that it is a light unto the nations but it also believes – like Isaiah – that everything the goyim own ipso facto will belong to the Jews. Dr. Mathis's Toraic statements are incomplete, and he makes no mention of the general "kill the goyim" attitude of the Talmud. Shahak does away with all this subterfuge and plainly explains that Meir Kahane is the STATUS QUO for orthodox Jewry, NOT an exception!

On to the "conspiracy". I'm happy that Dr. Mathis rightfully claims the over-representation of Jews in key media and political positions. However, it is not coincidence, but rather Cohencidence! (to quote Arthur Leese) Dr. Mathis claims that the stock-holders of Jew-owned companies are mostly non-Jewish. So? And the American voters are mostly non-Jewish. So? All this is true but who colors our world-view? Do the stock-holders who supposedly have the real power, promote Holocaust-overkill, or does Spielberg? Do the stock-holders promote movies where White girls fall in love with black boys, or do Toback, and Eisner? Do the stock-holders promote movies with homosexual plots, and push them down our throats, or do Schumacher, and Szaesz?! NO! It is those Jews who run the media and government that have the real power. They tell Clinton to attack Iraq because it flexes its muscles against a neighbor. It is the Jewish media bosses that promote rap, sodomy, miscegenation, feminism, and a host of spiritually sick ideas onto the "goyim". The stock-holders make money off them, and go-with-the-flow, while the Jewish moguls of these companies churn out their perversions for goy consumption. Would Walt Disney produce the "Crying Game" or "Pocahontas", or would the Jew Michael Eisner? The stock-holders "have all the power" don't they? Then why the difference between Disney, and its current kosher mogul, Eisner?

Dr. Mathis then claims that Dr. Pierce is a moaner in that he does not "do something" similar to "Serpent's Walk". Actually, Dr. Pierce is doing just that! He has purchased Resistance records and hopes to mainstream WP music, and use it as wedge to wean White kids away from rap, and other Jew-inspired music.

Again, Dr. Mathis shows his ignorance on the Babylonian Talmud, and the Jewish messianic movement. Both fully and unabashedly support and promote Jewish hegemony and inherent superiority. Are we supposed to close our eyes to the Talmudic statements that consider gentiles to be non-human? How about the statement that only Jews have godlike souls, while gentiles only have animal souls? What about that "commentator" Rabbi Simeon ben Yohai who said "Even the best among the goyim must be killed"? Is this rabbi who has a shrine in Israel, and is visited by pilgrimaging rabbis, and yeshiva buchers, a mere commentator? Well, what about the "Shulhan Aruch"? Is that atypical rabbinic literature, or perhaps its statements about the goyim are quite meaningful and part and parcel of Jewry's thoughts? And the Haredi in Israel? The Lubavitchers, its founder Rabbi Zalman, and the late Rabbi Schneerson? These are "freaks" like Kahane? (And Begin, and Sharon, and the Irgun, and the Stern Gang, and the Hagganah?" Please, Dr. Mathis! Yum-yum: the "Protocols". Dr. Mathis like ever other Jew, dismisses the "Protocols" as a forgery. Ok: so they are! Regardless, have the statements come true? The Jews own the media, the world economy, the newspapers, the magazines, the book publishing firms. They created the "girly" world of porn, of nigger-ball for the luxuriating lemming goyim. They set up the secretive Federal Reserve, and with their money and media rule the goyim. I should indeed ask the question, "What of the Protocols hasn't come true?" As for the economic prowess of America, why would Jewry want to destroy their shabbos goy? The Jews say attack Iraq, and Serbia, and America does so with a fervor. America is the Jew's gopher. Without America, will Israel survive? No handouts, no billions of dollars, no armaments? I don't think so. Jewry needs America to make the world yield to its will. Even though it will ultimately destroy America (turd-world immigration is a great example), Jewry will milk America for all it's worth.

To end my entry for now, let me just finish up by arguing Dr. Mathis's point on the Jewish conspiracy. Dr. Mathis does not believe in a Jewish conspiracy that aims at destroying America. I do. Dr. Mathis is simply wrong when he upholds that Jews have not attacked gentile institutions in this nation and wherever Whites reside. Here are a few examples of Jewish destruction of American ways: school integration, creation of the Federal Reserve, feminism, miscegenation, rap, jazz, Africanization of American behavior, music, dance, destruction of art, of poetry, of respect for authority and one's parents, etc. Dr. Mathis must surely be using his "chutzpah" against us goyim, or he is sincerely ignorant of his ethnic group's disastrous programs aimed at our de-culturalization, and ultimately, de-racinization.