13 April 2003
People often get confused about the tail (Israel) wagging the dog (USZOG). You've got the wrong animal and the wrong parts. Israel and USZOG are Siamese criminal perverts sharing the same dirty bed. Kick one and the other feels it. Since USZOG has more cannon fodder, more ZOGbucks, and more things which go boom in the night, it is the one responsible for everything. ISRAEL, like our entire Black population, CANNOT EXIST WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF GULLIBLE GOYIM. USZOG is the big kosher daddy who allows its spoiled brat Israel to do as it pleases. If someone interferes with the brat, daddy steps in and clobbers him. (Israel wanted to attack Iraq but daddy stepped in to do the dirty work leaving Israel free to massacre more Palestinians.) As with all such arrangements, squabbles appear from time to time leaving an illusion that they are distinct entities, which they are not. Eric concisely defines this by calling USZOG, Usrael.

I've seen this over and over relative to parent/teacher conferences where a pip-squeak bad-mouths teachers while daddy looks on. If a teacher reprimands the kid, daddy steps in and threatens to trash the teacher. It's the American way. No kid runs the "family" without dad's consent and Israel doesn't do shit without Usrael's permission and ZOGbucks. Let's stop the hypocrisy and have our entire Congress, and Executive, move to Tel Aviv where they belong.

Yes comrades, one of the most difficult things for some young people is realizing that their mother is a whore or their father an irresponsible drunk. Until people can live with the truth, they'll never understand anything and will forever be crying in their beer. The crackdown on people who oppose the war is just another variety of political correctness. People in Seattle have lost their jobs because they expressed their anti-war sentiments. They're getting the same treatment as would any White job-seeker who reveals that he's not interested in having his daughter screwed by apes. As I have mentioned before, if race-mixing isn't destroying the White race fast enough, through it's misguided air heads, ZOG can be expected to offer incentives for having mulattos just like they give rewards for the breeding of more nigeroos and muds. They breed. We feed. Haven't you caught on yet, Whitey? It is soon approaching where marrying your own kind will be viewed as politically incorrect. The ground work is evident every time some mongrel yodels that he's "part Catawba, part Irish, part jew, part Syrian and part horsecock."

"Wat? Yer parents are both White? Das terribul. Wa' kind of people is you?"

There is absolutely nothing more stupidly pathetic on this planet than a pro-Israel Christian. In Israel, among the orthodox where they spit on any sign of the cross, math books do not use the + sign as it would not be good for the paper to have all of that surplus moisture. Instead, they use an inverted T (geometric symbol for perpendicular) to represent positive and the addition operation.
It's interesting that many patriotic Rhodesians (Zimbabwe) are now giving Eric Thomson credit for his statements in 1976 that Ian Smith was a traitor to his country and would sell them out. It took 27 years for the blightwing to admit that Eric was right all along.
Many, who have written to me, concerning their experiences in Mejico del Norte, previously known as California, relate that Mexicans act as if they are the true Americans and that whitey is a European foreigner who'd best move back to Europe. GO home gringo!
If the honkey evolved from the Negro, as the current hypothesis claims, and the negro evolved from the ape, then how come Negroes do not have legitimate hair, but something akin to wool, whereas both apes and honkeys both have real hair? Something is fishy in this so-called continuum. One Negro uses this fact to prove that honkeys are really apes. By the same logic, it would prove that Negroes are really sheep.
I attended a small political meeting today. It was a mixture of Blacks, jews and a few geriatric honkeys. When the topic of Black History came up, and how their great achievements were suppressed, I mentioned that probably the genius of Einstein was a result of his partial negro genes. The jews looked like someone had just kicked them in the nuts. The Blacks smiled and the geriatric honkeys smiled and wondered if the coffee was ready yet.

I asked a question with the best academic curiosity I could muster. "Why is it," I asked, "that negro genius only appears in White countries?" "Perhaps we should look for the greatest expression of that genius to be in Africa where they are no longer encumbered by 'racism'." With that, I left the room to check on the coffee. When I came back, they were discussing the possibility that the first nuke, in this WWIII, will hit Japan. (To call it WWIV is to legitimize the 'cold war' which was both phony and not world wide. The term is more jew agiprop and disinforamtion."

How can we tell when  http://www.rense.com  finally gets up to date? It's when "ZOG" appears on that web site.
Americans are basically nomads
moving here and there according to whim or jobs. They appear to be grazers, and all grazers are prey for some predator. Those who live in large cities have a "home team", hockey, niggerball, whatever. The fact that virtually none of the players are from that town, appears of no consequence. A Czech, hardly able to speak English, is on "our" hockey team. He plays for us. No he doesn't.  He plays for the club paying him the greater salary. His allegiance is only to the dollar and simpletons believe that he represents them. In the jew controlled sports industry, "our" team becomes some other city's team down the line. This silly White mentality is part of the reason that cohesive groups such as Mexicans and Chinese, will eventuality control more than you'd appreciate. How many of these people show up at your silly games? Not many, if you notice. While you are cheering the sports mercenaries, they are filling up sections of your cities and taking over important positions. The jews let them in but as proof that jews are out of touch with reality, they too will disappear along with Whitey.
Military people have tunnel vision. They think of war as set of battles with bullets and bombs, as others think of the World Series. Wars are for the purpose of gaining territory and are often fought without armies at all. We are at war with the Chinese even though there are no explosions to count. They are invading Canada and the US in great numbers and occupying the land. The American goof thinks this is dandy for "we are a nation of immigrants." Ditto for the Mexicans who are also painting their colors on our landscape. If the trend continues, I would suggest that all honkies teach their children to speak Chinese. Whether a physical war with China breaks out somewhere, over there, is of no great consequence since the basic problem still remains here, on terra firma no longer controlled by the decedents of those who secured and built it. We are being occupied and that's a war "by other means" as described in the Ping-fa by Sun Tzu.
Welcome to ZOGland where the denizens destroy their families in order to protect the country. Haven't you noticed the massive numbers of soldiers who left their preschool children in order to serve (the interests of the jew)? What sort of people are these? One protects the country in order to preserve the family for that is the basic unit of society. Without it, you are not much better than maggots fighting over what to feed upon, or copulate with.

If you love your family, you don't leave it. If you love your country, you don't leave it. Of course, the whole world loves America because they all want to come here. Like "our" Marines of which many are not even citizens, they come for the goodies and owe allegiance only to those who supply them with a paycheck. As the mestiza remarked when asked her opinion concerning the removal of the Confederate flag from some public building, "I am not concerned since that means nothing to my people." When was the last time your heard any brain dead Whitey say "my people"?

Thanks to a reader for this information –

"I recently posted one of your blurbs on http://www.stormfront.org, mostly to see the reaction of the "White Nationalist" females.  The post was deleted by moderators within minutes.

"I did some snooping in the profiles of the "WN" females on the board.  One of the most vocal of the "wez equal to da mens" crowd had only one link in her profile, http://www.ifeminists.com.  Only a woman or a jew could claim to follow such diametrically opposed world views as feminism and WN.  Sadly, this appears to be the typical mindset in 'WN' females."

Robertsez – I have seen far too many instances of boys toting along their female warriors to beer party Sieg Heil hate sessions. I suspect they do not want to be isolated from their reuseable humping muffs.

A Bible-banger lives next door and she was in the back raking leaves. I was in my drive rotating, and balancing, the wheels on my car. Sweet Diana, who was washing the upper floor windows of my modest abode, yelled down, "Bob, how are things going?" I replied, "Fine but I am sweating like a Christian when he meets a jew face to face." I thought I heard the Christian hypocrite gasp. 
As the Sharon-Bush war, to place the world under their thumb, prepares for another direction, it would do well to read again Eric Thomson's book, China, The Jews and WWIII. As usual, the American boob can be relied upon to supply the blood, tears and money. Some of the material in this book are dated but the message remains, along with page after page of jew, jews, and more jews, stirring the pot of world disintegration.
As the economic condition of Europe worsens, and inflation at our doorstep, I wonder how many of the cheering boobs will continue to cheer when they find out that ZOG's bloody empire expansion will be paid out of their pockets.
To those who wish to hear more from Maguire, I will say that he is involved in other areas and cannot contribute to FAEM as much as he would like. Be patient. Here are a couple of responses to brief remarks:

>> Personally I think they paid a bunch of kids to stage the demonstrations in Baghdad. <<

I pay little attention to it.  Just propaganda playing on survival instincts.  The vast majority of humanoids will bow down before triumphant power.  In the Spanish Civil War the villagers would flow out to cheer the triumphant liberators parading down the main street.  Because of the fluid nature of the battle lines some village populations cheered over a dozen liberation parades by Falangists and Republicans.  Mostly they were hoping if they cheered loud enough all the combatants would take their war someplace else.

>> Dr. H. stated that the figures of 50 to one wasn't fair because they included civilians. So I plan going back, and cite the figure of 20 to 1 unless you have a better figure. <<

Sounds like Jew-minded quibbling to me arising from the fact that he is W-R-O-N-G about the dislocating economic effect of military expeditionary efforts.  Makes as much sense as claiming it's not fair to include the Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company shipyard workers in measurements of the economic effort needed to float aircraft carrier battlegroups.

So if I understand Dr. H.'s 'argument', if a neuro-surgeon wears an O6 eagle (meaning he's a commissioned Medical Corps officer) it's fair to 'count' him.   But we shouldn't count the civil service contract doctor in the same operating room alongside him at Landshutt where they're evacuating the casualties.  Reuters just did an in-depth color piece on that 60ish year old neuro-surgeon doing contract DoD work at Landshutt.

So we can't count the contract surgeon, right doc?  Although we 'counted' him in Vietnam since he was uniformed back then.

The above mirror maze of thought is why I don't argue with Jews.

>> As you will note Robert seems anxious for a further input on your keen analysis. Do me a favor, and give him an analysis he will remember, and be proud of it. <<

I'm doing it as work permits.  The reason the ZOG-China war will come in Central Asia is because the Russian Federation is imploding just like the USSR did.  The same demographic processes that destroyed "USSR" are equally destroying "Russia".


Bowelmouth, the radio mouth in a nearby city, explained that anyone who opposed the "war" in Iraq was "un American". The theme being that anyone who disagreed with him was "wrong" and suitable for a long stay in Siberia. I have rarely heard such a noisy ignoramus on radio before but he certainly serves ZOG's purpose very well. Anyone who doesn't go along with his position is advised to leave America. It's the old nonsense, "America. Love it or leave it." One caller did mention that he loved America but hated the government and I am sure that this sentiment is carried by a majority of citizens. To this, manure mouth had no response. Since the station has red-lined my phone number, I no longer have a chance to say "ZOG". People who love this country will not leave it and resolve to clean up the present garbage dump and put the cuckoo birds back in their cages..

I did some checking on this fine citizen. He's unfit for military service due to physical problems; twice divorced; a purchaser of penis enlargement apparatus (according to his first wife); near obese; and last, but not least, he's racemixing to an indescribable degree.

A reader visiting the British Isles remarked that many British women are very eager to get corked by simians. In fact, the wealthier ones travel to nigger infested vacation islands just for that purpose. (Stay clear of such women as the likelihood of them bringing back STD is very, very high.) He wondered what the reason was. A good share of it is being faddish – you're not 'mod' unless you've been humped by a chimpanzee or orangutan. Who knows? Next year it might be goats.

When a fellow is young, he usually thinks with his glands. Been there. Done that. So intense is the drive to find a willing orifice, that few ever bother to observe the obvious. Women cannot be trusted to do what is best for their race without mature male supervision. Before jew Marxism wrecked family life in all White countries, we knew what "head of the household" meant.

Watch women around another's infant. They are all going "goo goo" and their crotches get damp in anticipation of themselves getting pregnant. They want babies regardless of the quality. Notice also how a normal woman loses interest in her children as they get older, especially when they are nearly self-sufficient. All normal women desire pregnancy and the greatest compliment she can pay to any man is to bring his children into the world. "I want to have your children," is the way it's usually expressed. If a woman cannot freely say this to a man, he's better off looking for a one-night stand or getting a season pass to Edna's whore house.

Most men will screw anything but if the female is of another race, and she gets pregnant, the man rarely stays around because the offspring is not of his kind. Black males, 99% of the time, desert their pregnant White sluts. (Blacks are also very irresponsible by nature.) How many race-mixed couples are you aware of where the male contests the woman's demand to keep the child in a divorce action? A White male is no better in this regard since he too is not interested in bringing up that which is not of his kind.

Now Hymie comes along with his equality shit. Women love to hear it. The kiddies love to hear it. The cats love to hear it. The ozone hole approves. Father dad listens and finds in it a possible way to win affection from some woman who doesn't love him, especially if he's saddled with a shrew for a wife. "I'll agree that she should have a career; find a job; and try on a jockstrap," he thinks. "Yes, a job. The extra income will help me meet the payments on the Corvette I don't need." She wants to be a man, so why not let her try? After all, it's the democratic thing to do. Be all that you can. Once at this stage, little junior is then allowed equal freedom so he can join the obnoxious brathood. He tells his parents what to do and treats the house he lives in as something he earned, board and nail, on a par with jew-dazed dad. The society at large has completely thrown away responsibility as we see daily in attitudes, behavior, and lawsuits.

I have yet to meet any woman capable of controlling, or disciplining effectively, any child. The usual action is to scream, "If you don't stop I won't let you go to the movies tomorrow!" The pisspot has learned from experience that mom's words don't mean diddlysquat and if she really presses the point, the brat starts crying which usually is followed by, "Don't cry. Let mommy make it better." At this point she removes the verbal restriction relative to his trashing the furniture store. Women very often get out of control and go into nearly murderous fits and attack the child, or break down with hysterical weeping.

Never threaten. If-thens are for jerks. Say "stop that!", and if the child doesn't heed, then his ass should be summarily swatted so he gets the point and that is: parents only speak once and punishment for noncompliance is certain. People of their word learn that only one such action is ever needed, provided it is learned at a very early age. This, of course, requires parents whose word is as gold and it takes continual effort to monitor. With the "abuse" nonsense and "freedom" hot air permeating all we know, adults welcomed the prospect of not being responsible parents. So they reverted to imitating unruly brats where everything becomes a fun game. The "pursuit of happiness" I suppose.

Women do not enter the male's work place without receiving special privileges to compensate for the fact they are not male. Female police officers, military, etc., are not required to meet the same standards as do the men thus crippling the effective force. Female "firemen" cannot hold their own and generally end up as onlookers when they aren't nuisances, the same as Blacks when Affirmative Actioned into jobs they cannot handle.

Permissiveness is just another road to anarchy. When we approved of men giving salami enemas to other men, the door was opened for all sorts of perversions, including bestiality of which race-mixing is an intermediate, if not actual, part. Wilmot Robertson mentioned in 1982, that men have lost control of their women and for that, society would suffer dearly, which is has and will continue to do so.

The jews have so effectively twisted words that even "control" takes on a sinister meaning. A man "controls" an automobile, not by beating it to death, but by directing it with the necessary understanding of what it to be accomplished. A cooperative woman is not to be considered as "being shit upon," or "held down," as the jews want you to believe. She is the vice-president in the most serious, and most valuable, of all enterprises – the family. She is the cradle of our race and there's not much in life more important than that. A man serves to protect that cradle and with that awesome responsibility, he requires the final say.

When we check the destructive forces of feminism, abortion, perversion and pornography, we see "jew" spelled clearly in neon lights. Check the warped broads pushing feminism. Check the purveyors of pornography. Check the butchers with M.D. degrees, who violate the Hippocratic oath as a matter of course, and those running the clinics. If you cannot see the jew, then I am afraid you will never understand anything for all are absolutely destructive of the race, and you are an accomplice in the destruction of your own kind. That's something even a cockroach would not do.

In the past, when men were heads of their families, and society in general, any simian which humped a White woman would live to regret it, if he managed to live at all. What father would willingly permit a donkey, dog, or ape, to copulate with his daughter? Men, it seems, instinctively follow Nature's call to protect their race. Women, for the most part, do not. Yet, we are now in one hellova fix for men did nothing while their authority was being dismantled. So we could ultimately ask, "Where did the men go?"

Make sure, when you write in concerning unavailable links, that you remember that I only control links to other portions of the FAEM site. Maguire has often used links TO OTHER SITES which, for reasons known only to ZOG serfs, are no longer available. There's nothing I can do except comment that often un-PC material gets posted and then it's withdrawn OUT OF FEAR, is my guess. Many have shown to me instances where what's posted one day, gets run through the jew screw censor, and then returns rewritten. This censorship is pervasive but should be of little concern as long as you realize that your information is perfumed to please the jews and their partners in crime. What is of immense importance is knowing that millions of sheep believe ANYTHING ZOG tells them and on this account alone, can be easily placed in a "kill" mode. Without millions of useful idiots, neither the jews nor ZOG would have much power. The biological refuse which constitutes the greater part of the White American population IS our greatest problem. Trying to communicate with them would be on a par with explaining something to Dr. Frankenstein's Igor.
I have received many photos of simians in American uniforms. I certainly do not consider them "our" forces. What they are doing to the Iraqi people they will also do to the hated honky, if they ever get a chance. I do believe that this will be a distinct future possibility, if I read ZOG correctly.
Geneva Convention your ass. Following WWII, the part negro Eisenhower reclassified surrendering German forces as "unarmed enemy forces", thus removing them from the protection of the Geneva Convention which applied to "prisoners of war". This gave them the latitude to starve to death over one million German "combatants". Read Bacque's Other Losses. There are two printings. Seek the Canadian version as the American version has been tainted by jew sanitization.
One fellow explained his disgust when he tried to explain some revisionist material, which refuted one of the standard set of 666 jew lies, to a friend. He achieved no success but did find a reason why I, personally, do not waste my time trying to teach anything to an acorn.

Years ago, while employed at a hefty salary as a chief chemist, I was still in my hot rod phase. There was nothing on earth which could rival the feel of being pinned to the back of a seat while rubber burned off by the pound from the rear wheels. Power expressed by acceleration was preferable to me over any encounters with Debbie, the hot and friendly. Only a man could know that sex is not the epitome of wonderful experience.

I had tinkered with engines to the point where I was very good at it. I still retain my 2 large boxes of trophies won during local drag racing events. I soon realized that, like poker, one's chances of winning depended heavily upon how much money he wanted to spend. That's why I went only as far as the state championships and then quit. Before that time, people would come and want me to build an engine for them. I did so on an ever increasing basis until I was making more money on this part-time summer job than I did at Boeing in a whole year. Let's talk about a bonehead called Larry.

I built a stout 283 Chev engine for him and he immediately began to harvest trophies at nearby drag strips. I always preferred to use Racer Brown camshafts but Larry preferred Iskenderian. I know Racer and Ed Iskenderian personally but the reason I used Racer's stuff had nothing to do with my opinion of the men. Through much coaxing, and against my recommendation, I followed Larry's offer of more money and installed the "Iskie" he chose. After a day or so of ripping up the highway – kids today simply do not know what I am talking about since they are accustomed to driving expensive "dogs" believing them to be rockets – Larry returned to my shop explaining how much more 'powerful' the engine was. The fact that he NEVER won another drag race; his ETs where increased by about 1.5 seconds while trap MPH dropped considerably, never got through to his brain. He BELIEVED – facts to the contrary – that his car was faster and more powerful than originally, and that made him feel very pleased. It's something like "meeting" Jesus for the first time.

Now, if my several encounters which such people, coupled with immediate observational data, could not get them brought into the realm of reality, then what sort of argument, concerning the ridiculous holohoax, do you think would get a bonehead to change his mind? When one feels the urge to plant seeds, he must avoid rocks and salt flats.

It's 1984 in spades where our local radio mouth has a whole hour devoted to "hate". People call in to express their hate for Saddam, Iraq, Little Orphan Annie and anything which they think should be exterminated, and that includes dust mites and ragweed pollen. The jews don't call them 'goyim' for nothing.
USZOG is bent over Syria not minding its borders according to USZOG dictates. That's what I like about Big Brother ZOG. It always wants others to do what it will not do for itself. How do you spell Rio Grande? "My way or the highway," as the popular saying goes but ZOG has updated it to "My way or bombs away!"
If SARS comes to your neighborhood, courtesy Won Ton Charlie, then you can thank "diversity" for enriching your life. After all, we are all one, and in this together. Remember to smile while you die. Next time, I'll make 'sweet and sour cat' at home.
I hope that someday you Bush lovers would ask your boss how he intends to defend our borders by shipping our soldiers overseas on hunting and fishing expeditions. While we are busy imposing a democracy we do not have, upon others who never asked for it, I would think some foreign power just might take notice of the fact that there's no one left on these shore to defend this asylum.
Heck. I didn't even have to pay the fellow for this —

"You out did yourself today. The following is why FAEM is one of the top two sites on the net. (Hey, I like VNN.) But, as far as people go, Frenz is #1 on the net!

>> "Jews knew what they were doing when they aimed their Marxist propaganda towards the weak-willed female and allied the White woman with Blacks, muds, and what all." <<

"The crown in Frenz's latest! How great to know I'm not alone!

"Robert. Bravo again! Definitely the best stuff I've read in a while. I'm sure you are (in)famous among the so-called racialists. And, the very fact that many (especially the women) have expressed negativity towards you, only gives further evidence of your worth!

"I hear many times that Frenz is a woman hater. I said if you simply read what he is saying, not just some blurb, and try to understand his whole context, he is NOT a woman hater. Nor a revisionist hater, etc."

I met a fellow at the local greasy spoon who apparently O.D.'d on physical fitness. He loved to trash his body as per the 'no pain, no gain' theory. He described his 2 partial knee replacements and the vertebrae which needed to be fused. At 56, I wouldn't say he benefited much from all of the fitness effort.

Since there is so much wasted energy expended at those crazy fitness centers, I suggest, as your President, that law should require all exercise equipment be part of an electrical generating system. In that way, the entire community would benefit from the desire of the few to have a 'hot bod', which is just another way of expressing a desire to copulate as frequently as possible. 

It is my understanding that acts of war, commited when there has been no declaration of war, are considered crimes against humanity. Since the U.S. Congress, Article I, Section 8, Constitution of the U.S., has not declared war on Iraq then what say you regarding our "hero" soldiers in that Mideast land? Are they guilty of crimes against humanity?

Further, having established during the Nuremberg lynching of Germans who obeyed orders, I would think that any American soldier who finds killing Iraqis to be a violation of his moral principles, should be thereby honorably discharged.

You've probably already read thishttp://www.rense.com/general37/memos.htm  – but I'd like to comment that the jews have been in the suppression business for a century in this country. It seems that each generation has to reinvent the wheel. The book "Conquest of a Continent" (Madison Grant), deemed more 'dangerous' than Mein Kampf, was ordered stifled in December 13, 1933 by the ADL's director, Richard Gutstadt. Routinely, local kikes visit used bookstores and buy (remove) books they don't want their subjects to read. Every library of note has some kike in charge either falsely cataloging books or marking them for disposal. Hebes borrow books and soon find them to be "lost". They pay the fine and the memory hole gets another item. Hollywood has been turning out falsehoods, as a matter of course,  for over 70 years. TV is shit city and it astounds me that so many people accept their jew-filtered garbage as fact. People either worship the jews or fear them. Thinking is absolutely anti-Semitic. Yes, the American dodo, while not yet extinct but working on it, deserves every calamity which crashes upon its head. Waving the flag will not make the bill for the jews's war on Iraq go away as we shall soon see.
A fellow just sent me a news article explaining that GM is pulling the plug on its electric vehicles and the silly saps who bought one of these clunkers are now crying in their beer. Can't anyone think anymore? Electric cars were tried a century ago and fell by the wayside for the same reasons they aren't practical today for the kind of transpiration Americans have come to know and love. Ever hear of the conservation of energy? Did anyone ask where the electricity to power the jitney would come from?

I watched some other silly asses – Ph.D.'s it appeared – explain their device which started with a laser beam separating the hydrogen for water and then using the hydrogen as fuel in some other hare-brained device to power wheels, thus moving your parts down lovers' lane. Their selling point was that burning hydrogen does not pollute the air.  As I explained before, and easily verified by anyone with a calculator, those 1.2 billion Chinese pollute the air with more carbon dioxide, by little other than breathing, than do all of our American vehicles. The question which immediately popped into my small brain, was "Where does all of this marvelous laser power come from?" Laser costs money, Virginia, and lots of it. End of ahole wishful thinking about something for nothing and other variations of perpetual motion.

In 1952, a very practical California working man by the name of Bill Fisher, stated that the internal combustion engine as we know it will be around for at least another quarter century. He certainly underestimated it. The atomic powered cars ballyhooed in the early 1950s were just topics for journalists to gas about. Chrysler's eggheads of the 1970s fell on their faces during their useless experimentation with turbines in automobiles. The 1973 Wankel went bye-bye when marketed by Mazda.

Wishful thinking. Wishful thinking. And if anyone punches a hole in nonsense, it is called "being negative". Tough life, boys.

O gee. Golly whiz. Every once in a while I get submerged in email as a result of something I said. Let's see if I can briefly clarify my position on a few topics.

I personally would not waste my time on any revisionist topic not because I think they are in error, but due to conditions of which I hope I correctly observe. The general public, as typical throughout the ages, is a bunch of knotheads without the mental ability to know if it's raining unless someone told them. Getting wet would not be sufficient "proof". Secondly, the jews control all outlets of what people receive as news or information. Jews hate White people and Germans in particular. I would suspect that 98% of all they say about WWII, and Germany, is pure horse manure. I do not believe in the "holocaust" simply because it is based on hearsay and the stories are mostly so absurd that they are laughable, that is, if you maintain your faith in physics and chemistry. Occasionally a revisionist argument does get through to someone and that's to the better but remember that for every "convert" created there are thousands of potential numbskulls born which be be subject to ZOG's indoctrination machine called public education which again, is totally jew-supervised. Revisionism is dueling with one's adversary on his terms. That's why it remains weak and truth never enters the battle. Add this to the fact that most Americans are so self-consumed that they really do not care. They do not care! Being right has never been a logistical argument of any merit. To their credit, all revisionists continue to fight compelled by the same spirit which empowers all that is good. Most know the odds. It's not a matter of winning anything. It's a matter of right and I am content to leave it to them. I was never a fan of history. The past is only the moldy corpse of the present. No historian ever improved the human lot nor changed the course of anything for they deal in what is long gone and mostly forgotten.

On rare occasions – very rare – a bit of cow feces would drop into one of our milking pails. That pail of milk was discarded irrespective of the amount of contamination. Numbers, percent, and other academic hot air was not necessary in order to make a correct decision. So profound were these events in my life as a boy, that I developed little tolerance for endless blather and argumentative "proofs" when it comes to the obvious. I could tell a Jersey from a Guernsey and a duck from a chicken without citing some journal printed at Cornell University; asking an expert; or requiring DNA samples. I knew that smoke was not a good thing to be inhaled beginning the day my father asked me to "take a drag", at age 11, of a cigar he lit for me so that I could experience the joy felt by those who smoked. I could tell when objects were too hot to handle without Dan Rather's advice or the use of a thermometer. I am not moved by statistics nor paper proof of anything for what's written down is really not much more than hearsay, or opinion, anyway. This, perhaps, is the main reason I'll not "debate" anything. This is life, my friends, where lumps and bumps are real, and quite removed from sound waves bouncing from the walls of the debating stage.

ZOG is anti-White and particularly anti-White male. I suppose that only the White male, at least some, realize this from experience because one will never find it written out. They do learn it when they lose their jobs to some mud or when their shrew of a wife has them dragged into court for "abuse". Jews knew what they were doing when they aimed their Marxist propaganda towards the weak-willed female and allied the White woman with Blacks, muds, and what all. To pretend that it is not raining will not prevent you from getting wet, as many find out later to their sorrow. To be pro-ZOG is to be anti-White. We are captive of ZOG's laws but volunteering to support ZOG when it is not necessary, is to declare by actions alone, that you are anti-White. We have a duty to obey the law and nothing more since our present alien government is the enemy of all peoples, no matter the color or percent body fat.

As the radio mouth blathers about the wonderful soldiers we have, protecting our rights and willing to offer their lives, we could question why these heroes enlisted in the first place. Many wanted a career; some needed a job; others used it as a means to an anticipated college sojourn and it's not improbable that many females relished the chance of getting their crotches well lubricated by an exposure to 'diversity' sausages. Never forget that during WWII hundreds of thousands of our soldiers were NOT INTERESTED in fighting that jews' war. How do I know this? Pure logic, comrade. IF THE NATION WAS THAT GUNG-HO TO KILL THEIR EUROPEAN COUSINS THEN THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO NEED FOR THE DRAFT! NO NEED FOR THE DRAFT! GET IT?

I recently saw this sign in a candy shop = "30 cents each or 3 for $1."
Mr. Frenz –
"This was on the rense.com site. Phylogeny recapitulates ontogeny. Can you tell me what it means?"

First off, the phrase is ass-backwards. It is Ontogeny recapitulates phlyogeny. At least "rense" got the words OK unlike a previous fellow who used endogeny in place of ontogeny. Slop is OK when one yammers opinion but if psuedo-authority is implied, then one should do a little better, I would hope.

The phrase is a little ditty biology students memorized, along with antheridium and archegonium, in order to impress peons with one's genius. It worked particularly well when one had mischief in his mind relative to sweet teenage girls still in their poetic/romantic stage. At this time in life, females value intelligence and artistic talent. Once they get corked, then their minds turn to beef injections and thick wallets as criteria for "love". O, I am digressing.

A being starts out as a one-celled egg and through cell multiplication, he changes to a nearly complete being of whatever species. In the human, embryos have vestigial tails, gills, fins, and other sorts of oddities found on critters we deem lower on the evolutionary scale. The theory of evolution also has life moving from single cells and worms, to birds to apes. These two histories appear to parallel each other and so it is said that "the history of the embryo repeats the history of the race."

Biological terms have more class and give the utterer more stature when looking down his nose. It's better to say "Equus caballus," or "Falconiformes accipitridae," than it is to say "Hafnium phthlate," or "The second time derivative of Bufada's conjecture."  The idea is to put down your antagonist and just any old words will not suffice. If you cannot intimidate him with your genius, then you can always rap him in the nuts with a ball bat. Sometimes you should do this first and save the hot air.

Copied from – http://www.voiceofkarachi.com

George W. Bush and his veep, Dick Cheney, were talking, when George W. said, "I hate all the dumb George W. jokes people tell about me."

Wise Old Cheney, feeling sorry for his old boss kid, said sage-like, "Oh, they are only jokes. There are a lot of stupid people out there. Here, I'll prove it to you."

Now Cheney, to patronize George W, took him outside and hailed a taxi driver.

"Please take me to 29 Nickel Street to see if I'm home," said Cheney.

The cab driver without saying a word drove them to Nickel Street, and when they finally got out, Cheney looked at George W. and said, "See! That guy was really stupid."

"No kidding," replied George W. "There was a pay phone just around the corner. You could have called instead."

Ah nuther –

George Bush was sitting in his office wondering whom to invade next when his telephone rang. "Hullo, Mr. Bush!" a heavily accented voice said. "This is Sheeda Tulli from Banga, District Multan. I am calling to inform you that we are officially declaring war on you!"

"Well, Mr. Sheeda," Bush replied, "This is indeed important news! How big is your army?"

 "Right now," said sheeda, after a moment's calculation, "there is myself, my cousin kaka, my next door neighbor pappoo, and the entire kabadi team (a local wrestling team) from the village. That makes it eight."

Bush paused. "I must tell you Mr. Sheeda that I have one million men in my army waiting to move on my command."

"BLOODY Hell," said Sheeda. "I'll have to ring you back!"

Sure enough, the next day, Sheeda called again. "Mr. Bush, it is Sheeda Tulli, I'm calling from Banga STD, the war is still on! We have managed to acquire some infantry equipment!"

"And what equipment would that be, Mr. Sheeda?" Bush asked.

"Well, we have two buffalo, a donkey and Allah Yar's tractor."

Bush sighed. "I must tell you, Mr. Sheeda, that I have 16,000 tanks and 14,000 armored personnel carriers. Also, I've increased my army to 1-1/2 million since we last spoke."

"Oh baira taray (oops)....." said Sheeda. "I'll have to get back to you."

Sure enough, Sheeda rang again the next day. "Mr. Bush, the war is still on! We have managed to get ourselves airborne ...... We've  modified Allah Yar's tractor by adding a couple of shotguns, sticking on some wings and the pind's (Village's) generator. Four boys from chuk 15 have joined us as well!"

Bush was silent for a minute and then cleared his throat. "I must tell you, Mr. Sheeda, that I have 10,000 bombers and 20,000 fighter planes. My military complex is surrounded by laser-guided, surface-to-air missile sites. And since we last spoke, I've increased my army to TWO MILLION!"

"Oh tera pala hove (bless you )...." said Sheeda, "I'll have to ring you back."

Sure enough, Sheeda called again the next day. "Kehse?, Mr. Bush! I am sorry to tell you that we have had to call off the war."

"I'm sorry to hear that," said Bush. "Why the sudden change of heart?"

"Well," said Sheeda, "We've all had a long chat over a couple of makai kay parathe (bread) & sarson ka saag (spinach) and decided there's no way we can feed 2 million prisoners!" 

I do not include revisionists as members of the blightwing. They are historians chewing on a cud of dubious historical facts. A blightwinger is measured by the contradictions between his words and his actions, much like the motorist who sports a "Buy American" bumper sticker on his Toyota.
A month or so ago, the fear of war caused gasoline prices to rise. Now that the war is here, gasoline prices have dropped. Strange cause and effect, eh what?
It's a very, very sad thing we have to endure
– fighting for the 'right' of our masters to plunder (covet) the rest of the world. I have no desire to live among the Arabs or Moslems but they do have a right to live as they see fit. When we fight for the right of White people to have a land, and government, of their own, we also grant that to all others. How long can the majority, if indeed it is the majority, go along with such lunacy? Make no mistake, our N.G. duty-shirking C.I.C. is not a White man and neither are the majority of his top level partners in crime. They are straight out of hell suitably branded with the anti-Christ '666'. The real war in not "over there". It is here on our shores where everyday White people, especially the men, endure their own battles against that great Satanic enemy of all mankind – ZOG.
When USZOG uses "stealth" to kill women and children, it pats itself on the back for having superior technology. When the victims use "stealth" to defend themselves, they are called cowards. It's a sick, sick world we live in, and it deserves all the disasters the fates can conjure up.
As in 1984,
the word-twisters are alive and well. When children get their arms and legs blown off, it's called "collateral damage". When your own men machine-gun you to death, it's called "accidental". When a 'smart bomb' destroys 4 whole acres into order to hit a target 2 feet across, it's called "precision". As people go further into debt, they refer to it as "prosperity". When people go to jail for speaking their mind, we call it "freedom of speech". Americans do not live under a democracy – never have – but wage war to impose it on others all in the name of "sovereignty" and "self-determination". Yas sah bossman, we respect your right to choose the way you want to live but we'll blow you to hell if it's not a way we approve of. Be observant and notice the hypocrites – especially the Judeo-Christains – you are surrounded by. We are a lot of self-righteous hypocrites. We are all jews now, in this together. God has given us the world – kill, kill, kill. It's for their own good, don't you know?
Don't get too involved pondering ZOG's overseas massacres. The real action, the important action, will be here at home. I wish people would get their pessimism guilded. If you dislike ZOG, then you should be seeing something positive every time it gets a chink taken out of its kosher armor. Every gang of aliens going on the dole is good for it strains the asylum more. Support reparations for black people. Cheer every time "our" mud troops waste countries and materiel. Every time your employer hires more coons, it will cost him heavily in mistakes, theft and production slow down. Be happy power shortages develop and people loot and burn. All of this is expensive activity but make sure you don't do any of it. Demolition derbies are great to watch – as long as you are far from the sailing fenders and flying bumpers.

This whole bloody place is a rotten asylum. Why would you want to keep it afloat? You can't anyway, so stay clear, do nothing illegal, and enjoy the fun.

Societies never completely collapse since humans are social animals. That's why there will always be socialism in one flavor or the other. There will always be organization somewhere and somehow. During the Great Depression, over 25% of the work force was unemployed but there was order, no one starved, and thousands of people increased their incomes. New autos, and toasters, were manufactured while the creeps in the backroom plotted a war to kill more white people. This mentality is still potent and alive. As Hitler predicted: if the American people don't get the jew off their backs, they will end up being a colony of China. It's happ'nin' man.

Yahoo news reports1/2 of all deceased ZOG-merc troops died "accidentally". Again, hi-tech equipment with lo-tech operators always spells disaster and we think this means we can conquer the world. The problem with ZOG military is that they see soldiers as Americans see each other – a pristine item of genius waiting to be properly trained. It jes ain't guano be that way – nevah!
It must be true if it comes from a jew department – FAZ Oct. 16, 2002, Harvard – Stephen Peter Rose says, "The USA have no rivals, we dominate militarily worldwide... it is our business now, to dislodge unfriendly governments, and replace them with governments which do our bidding... Imperial strategy is concentrated on blocking strong, unfriendly adversaries, by war if necessary, by imperial assimilation, if possible."

One thing which continually amazes me is when White people get their steam up, patriotic fervor mounts, and get gung-ho about how we can "kick ass" without once asked cui bono – who benefits? Any person enlisting in ZOG forces is a mercenary and pro-ZOG. Thus we might ask how can he be pro-White? Defending ZOG's interests means you are assisting the destruction of the White race. We murdered hundreds of German officers because they were "following orders' when we admonished that they should have rebelled. Yet, if any American in uniform decides to follow his conscience at opposition to orders, I believe he would not be treated kindly. It's hypocrisy city and I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would let it pass without one tiny question.

Americans love demolition derbies and rush to watch buildings burn to the ground. They never get enough of movie car crashes or watching building being blown up. Thus, they support wars because they make good entertainment. That's how they demonstrate their love of humanity.

Is this un-American? Certainly not for it is you who word-twisted American to mean jew..

The pitfall that all predictions have in common is a faith that those items not covered by that prediction will remain the same. The US might have military junk piled sky high but I'd never be so foolish as to let a calculator output "prove" we could take on the world. While we might be capable of raining billions of deadly porkballs upon the Chinese hordes, for example, who is to say the boys at home will continue on as usual? They won't. In spite of how great some inventory might be, our racial problem is severe. It's terminal. As ZOG expands its conquest, the home base will be disintegrating and that cannot ever spell victory anytime, nor anywhere. Even if some soldier was confident that his outfit "won", his home would no longer exist. This present assault did prove one point: hi-tech weaponry in the hands of lo-tech people can cause more damage to your own than could the enemy. We might like to call incompetence "accidents" but that changes nothing. All of this wonderful White fodder coming of age will still be brought up in a nigger culture, forced to operate in the midst of 'comrade' baboons and cock hungry feminists, but I doubt very much that a larger war will make them act more White. A TV in every room never turned any niggerball addict into a Whiter person. One TV set is all that is necessary. We consciously ignore the QUALITY factor of people while getting heady over the QUANTITY of our manufactured contraptions. In the end, biology will dictate who survives and who won't.
As events unfold, the Judeo-Christians will soon be the least of the lot. Eventually, they will be the last of the lot.