20 May 2001
Feed Us NOW! Roar!  Grunt!! Growwwwwwl!!  Oink oink oink!  ohh.ohh.ohh.ohh.ohh SCREECH!!!
California 'Democrats' (i.e. non-whites) demand government coerced cheap energy from neighboring white states.  See –


Then see – /maguire/feeding.htm

Ron, a history teacher at a well known school, was talking with me on a day we coincidentally met at as drug store.  I asked if he was still teaching the youngsters all of the "holy cause" business. He answered in the affirmative and admitted that he personally believed very little of it. This might seem odd and somewhat hypocritical but one should remember that Ron was just a soldier facing an array of tanks. If he really taught what he felt was true, he'd be out of a job in 6 minutes and black-balled from ever teaching again. That's a very heavy thing to deprive a man of his livelihood but that's the kind of Big Brother we live under.

I never voiced my views while on the job and simply kept on the subject track although several people did notice my sympathies. If fag teachers can 'keep it to themselves', then why can't I. We're all equal, aren't we? I am not sure how widespread this knowledge was, but one young lady told me, in private, how she admired Hitler for what he did for the German people. During a parent-teachers' night, one father whispered, "My daughter has signed up for your class. You'll love her. She's a fascist." Once, I beckoned a young lady into my office after I spotted her peeking around the corner. She explained that she wanted to see what a "nazi" looked like. She must have been surprised since I left my fangs, monacle and leather whip at home.

I never had any problems except for one jew who professed a deep hatred for me. He told me that it would please him greatly if I could be made to grease cars for the rest of my life. I remained fair to all and was always courteous and well dressed. I mention this because I want all of you out there to know that you are not alone and that if you behave yourself, you'll create more of an impression, and garner more influence, than you could by playing the part of a vandalizing piece of riffraff raff, or mounting some soap box. Believe me, Americans have no problem with free speech or belief. They do have a problem with people raising havoc by their criminal acts and many of them "know the score" and are not overly pleased about it..

I offer this as advice for those who seem compelled to "do something". During these pre-revolutionary times, one should learn all he can and improve himself in all possible ways for you do not know when that knowledge will come in handy. If you are patient, you will attract people and the process of mutual education will begin. In the physical world, we call this easy-does-it property, (a variant of) thixotropy – fluid behavior when moved gently, but solid if suddenly forced. At one time there was a marketed substance called "funny putty". Get some and you'll see what I mean. It's the difference between seduction and rape. One leaves you as a convert, the other, as an enemy.

If any of you folks out there find time to visit a library, see if you can dig up info on Elisabeth Zander. She was the leader of the NS Women's Auxiliary and at least as prominent as Himmler. The tribe-of-the-sixes has deep-sixed nearly all references to her. One thing the culture distorters do not want is for women to get any Nazi ideas for National Socialism did restore women to the lofty plane which they have by birth, as opposed to the jew cesspool of the Weimar Republic. NS has the extreme potential of uniting white men and women, as God intended, and that must cause nightmares for the self-chosen. If this female substance ever starts to become well known, I'll bet my left whatchamacallit that Spielberg will receive divine inspiration to churn out another bit of moldy cheese.
One fellow writes that "negro" is derived from the proto-indo-european neg gero where the neg means NO and the gero means GOOD. Sounds OK to me.
Hey doc – why are you now using "orion" as a screen name? That's because it rhymes with Bruce. 
There goes that song again... It's from an old familiar score... Da juice is only 2 percent ob dah popu'ation – 6 million
. I finally dug up where this foolish bit of "data" came from – an old jewish source. I'll admit that the slippery tribe isn't too fond of the sheep knowing what's what. This has always been the trap plus the fact that 1/3 of the racial jews call themselves 'atheists' and therefore are not counted in some quarters as "real" jews. The problem with all academics is that they consciously isolate themselves from the real world and rely upon books for their grasp of things. The fellow who really knows about cow manure is the guy who has to shovel it daily – not the fellow who studied bovine engineering at Cornell.

This was a Chelsea morning, as the jew Neil Diamond used to sing, and I peckered a bit around my pile of old books for some data which might be a little closer to the mark than the "2 percent" horsey doodoo.

I grew up in a town that just made it relative to being called a city. It was mostly a rural center not noted for being a Bronx. The number of racial jews in my high school class accounted for about 5 percent. Jews such as Hursh, Roth, Lighter, Lehrer and Richardson didn't call themselves jews because they attended mostly Protestant churches. I did associate with Hursh because we both had a great interest in flying model airplanes. I always marveled at his dexterity and skill. If memory serves, only 2 of the bunch ever attended synagogue. This was decades ago.

The Encyclopædia Britannica, 1911, although not run by jews as it later was in the 1920s, cannot be said to have this racial bias but it was complied by a gung-ho batch of Christians believing in the "God's people" theory. Their data for 1900 was 3.5 percent jews for both the United States and Russia. It's interesting that these siamese twins were responsible for the unleashing of the Bolshevik menace upon the world. According to the World Encyclopedia published in 1936, the jews were still pegged at 3.5 percent of the total and it admitted that this was a figure according to religion, which, as I mentioned above, leaves out a sizable chunk. I trust very little data gathered since 1945 when the jews gained near total control of the U.S. relative to what they allow us to read or hear – books, TV, movies, etc.

From 1890 to 1930, the U.S. general population rose by 1.5 percent. During that same period, the jewish population rose by 4.5 percent! Let's assume that the jewish population rose at 1.5 percent since 1930. Their U.S. 1930 population was 4.3 million so that increases to 12 million for us today. In addition, ten of thousands came to this country in the late 1930s and 1940s as they left Germany. According to the ships' manifest, they were listed as 'Germans' with a few "Austrians" tossed in for flavoring. Our transport ships went to Europe with matériel and returned crammed to the gunnels with jews. Today, the recent influx is listed as "Russians" and the wild ones are referred to as the "Russian mafia".

To assume that there are "only about 6M jews" in the country, one would have to believe that they are a bunch of monks. Since jews are usually classified as white and the whites in this country are only about 50 percent – Colin Powell is not white in my book – there is no sane reason not to believe that jews are at least 10 percent of us. One of FAEM's very astute young readers did a bit of research on this topic about a year ago. His conclusion was that jews are about 12 percent of the population and to play it safe, a figure of 10 percent was established. Now, according to my "principle", the damage done to this country by these aliens could not have been from "only 2 percent". The principle: 5 percent carbon dioxide renders air unfit for breathing; 5 percent ocean salt renders water unfit for drinking; 5 percent of non-white blood renders a person unfit to be called 'white'. This is the 4-5th generation thing which has popped up throughout history. I'll stick to it for no one has ever given me a reason to abandon it. As for others, believe whatever makes your gonads tingle.

The next time some yokel criticizes you for "doing nothing", ask him for suggestions and then ask him why he isn't doing it.

Not all young people are concerned over the world they live in. It's a playground just for them and they care not what they leave to the future generations. Knocked up? Hell, let mom and pop take care of it as they still are taking care of me. Can't find a job? What's the diff as long as mom and pop still want me around as a house guest? After all, they brought me into the world and they should pay for it. They should even send me off to college where party time is all time – just can't wait for the 'spring break' orgy. Good ol' mom and pop. They'll always bail my ass out.

There are others who feel alienated and are concerned. They are starting to feel that someone 'stuck it to them' – an accurate appraisal. Yes, a past generation did give your country away and now, they really don't care as long as the S.S. checks arrive on time and they can live in some retirement community walled off from the shit box they created – as all politicians do as matter of routine.

In a society where everything except young white males are given perks by a more openly communist regime, some lash out to ease their growing frustration. More often than not, this ends their days of diminishing freedom. Often such people confess their evil ways and swear henceforth to worship the 'true' god. What we are witnessing today, relative to "justice" is simply old hat Inquisition persecution.

Joe Jumpstart is picked up for driving with his feet while his hands were somewhere Edna liked. Off he goes and the judge hears about the "hate literature" which was found in the trunk of his Edsel in violation of the 4th Amendment to be secure in your person, papers and effects. Now the judge does the Inquisition routine and you will be hammered, not for reckless endangerment, but for your thoughts, which, as they reason, must have caused you to drive with your feet. The truth was that it was something you loved your hands to do, which was a bottom. Just before sentencing, you have an opportunity to "confess", bow down in "I've seen the light prayer", and then perhaps your sentence will be reduced as it was during our own Salem witch trials. We have seen several of our reckless young men go through this routine and I wonder if we should really judge them as harshly as others have done. If you are an infantryman, standing alone with 4 rounds left in your M-1, and 17 Tiger tanks are heading in your direction, would you die fighting or simply scat and live to fight another day? In regard to these so-called 'turn coats', how 'turned' are they really? I'll trust blood before words every time.

Four young anglo-mestizos tortured and blinded a donkey in W.N.Y. earlier this year. In tune with community outrage, they were sentenced to 7 years in the slammer. They were quite fortunate that I was not in charge of things, for 7 years confinement would be the least of their problems. Let's hope these fine citizens learn about the joys of prison rape and get AIDS in the process..
Third Reich poster art and photos ———
Aw... coomana my house....Tsun, who otherwise does a fine job of things, has dropped the ball with this photo of a young white "ho" – rings in the navel, no less – http://www.front14.org/tsun/gal-img/amawr01a.html
Slapping a swastika on well doctored image and adding a hokey slogan will do more to drive away great young women than do most other things. Isn't this just a version of jewish flesh-peddling? There are a great number of substantial NS women out there who don't much cotton to running around bare-assed for the world to see. I correspond with many of them with high moral fiber, even though some think of me as a 'male chauvinist pig'. I want some person to try and convince me that the way to having better people is by imitating jews, nigs and wogs. Without a morally superior people, there cannot be a better world. That's what we at FAEM are all about. Always remember that ZOG is very afraid of quality women raising their voices. I have said many times, that they may prove to be far more effective than their male counterparts. The best women I have ever known had NS tendencies. The worst were little more than dick chasers.
For a little diversion you  might like to go to http://www.ellisislandrecords.com and look up your boat family. I did, and there it was, just as dad told me – my grandfather Herman Franz from Hamburg, Germany. You might be asking why my name is spelled differently. Well, gramps was a proud and honest fellow with bright blue eyes and  notable red hair. He was a no-nonsense sort of man and might possibly have been a "nazi" and so I needed to hide this. :o) 
To those who want us to give the country back to the Indians and mestizos – tell the jews to give back Israel.
I think everyone
should be a member of the NRA. I am and I don't own any guns. I dislike hunting, and target shooting is about as exciting as hitting the urinal's bull's eye every morning. I intensely dislike those morons who think wildlife is little more than an array of moving targets. I don't feel threatened by muggers and if approached, I'd gladly share the 5-dollars I sometimes have in my pocket. I support the NRA because I think it's a Constitutional thing and the United Nations is seeking global disarming. Who has the guns anyway, whitey? Do you think India is armed to the teeth? How about the Matabele in Africa or the denizens of Borneo? Those people managed to have all sorts of fun-filled wars with little other than spears. In Columbia it's machetes. China's citizens are certainly  not armed and even if they were, do you really think the Chinese are so stupid as to give up an advantage? Advantage is what it is all about anyway. Whitey is a formidable foe even without his magic machines. The communist drive has psychologically disarmed a great portion of the white race but the would be conquerors still are not comfortable with whitey having a shotgun in his closet. The one thing these evil-eyed demons forget is that whitey invented the gun and even if you took them away, he'd rush back to his personal lathe and machine himself another. You cannot legislate whitey's brain away and that's why the push for race-mixing is carried on with a vengeance. Down breed the white and his brains go with the rest of the biology. Besides, most of the flap is about handguns. When the fit hits the Chan, it's rifles and shotguns for me, plus a whole bunch of real live chemical surprises.. 
                           http://www.germancross.com                Check it out.

SCAPEGOAT.Maybe the jews have something there. That's what they call themselves each time some country kicks their mongrel tails out. Let's see – jerkwater Phlogistonia, a small country situated between the Danube and Outer Slobovia, was merrily popping along until some bribed officials let a few of God's pets become citizens. At first, everyone was happy with the diversity and couldn't wait until the next shipment of cream cheese arrived. Strange thing though, porno started to increase and as well as all sorts of mischievous middle-man insider rip-offs. Spying grew at a rapid rate and shit filled the land. The people got ticked off and awoke from their hypnotic state to see who was doing all of it. The cry soon became, "Let's help the jew meet his god!" And so the cleansing began. The jew was blamed, but was he really at fault? Who pray tell, chose to do business with them? Who decided to take their advice? Who? You! That's who. Yes, the Phlogistonians chose to blame the jew when they should have been kicking themselves in the ass for being so stupid in the first place. Only an idiot would invite a goat into his living room and then complain about the shit on the carpet – and then blame the goat.
Jesus, and the "holocaust", belong to history and it seems to be a weakness that we have to always pattern what we do after the past. I try to stick to the present and keep "race" always in view. It's a shame that we cannot muster the focus of a cheetah when it spies the gazelle – all else becomes subordinate. It makes no difference, relative to our present plight, whether 1 or 60 billion jews died a half-century ago. The fact is that they are still here in disturbingly large numbers! I do not care two shakes if the black man invented everything in the whole damned world. I want him out of my society or I want to be able to have a society without him. I am denied both and therefore the banter about "freedom" is poppycock. We gave the freedom of association away and winning it back will be difficult. Let's keep our eye on the ball – this is a racial battle and if Jesus could be proven to be a Martian, it would not affect this war upon the white man one damned bit.
LONE WOLF. I'd like to address this topic over which I have received much email. The criticism remains but it's apparent that the 'lone wolf'  is clouded in several definitions. What we have addressed is the concerned, but foolish, solitary individual who goes out and commits some petty and illegal act. The point has not been an attack on such people but a emphasis on the need to have comrades – people of like mind and whom you can trust. We propose group associations. The internet has accomplished several things. One is that it has shown thousands of young white people that they are not alone in their frustration over the obvious assault upon their kind. Another is that by virtue of its structure, the internet isolates individuals and holds them in the solitary confinement of its monitor. You must break out of this. The reluctance which you have is proof that white males are living in a state of fear and that fear is generated by the omnipresent assault upon them. Should I have to say more?

Let's look at it another way. If indeed all of the race-mixing crap is for the purpose of demolishing the white race – who proposes that the Chinese race mix? – then you are marked for extinction, one way or the other. The question remains as how you wish to go, if that's what the fates have decreed. Dying with your boots on, or dragged out from under your bed where you were hiding? YOUR SKIN MARKS YOU and all of your condescending babble will not change that one bit, as many have found out the hard way in Seattle and Cincinnati. I understand that many of my readers have been sent defeatist notes from gloating jews who say that the fight is over and the whites lost. They even send along photos of white sluts kissing, and being fondled by, their AIDS ape companions. Further, that you should welcome the presence of your part negro grandchildren. Relax and enjoy the diversity, they say. It's interesting that the jew understands whitey to the extent he can manipulate him to do things he would not have otherwise. The jew, however, does not understand whitey's sense of honor nor the fact that when you tell whitey the battle is over, he fights all the harder! Remember the Alamo? Where do you think the word berserk came from? As a white man, you have a plethora of things to be proud of. That's why they hate you so for your very presence forces them to see what they are really about. When they do not have the upper hand, they'll play 'kiss ass', forever manipulating and playing upon your vanity, to secure their ends. When they have the upper hand, that pretense will vanish and you'll see them in all of their naked hate... and you won't like what happens, one bit.

I can understand the fellow who agrees but dares not be too open with his beliefs for many have families to feed and care not to be unemployed. I personally never gave a crap what people believed and have never been canned for my obvious sympathies since I (1) did excellent work and made money for my employer, (2) never assaulted anyone nor tried to deprive them of anything and (3) would help anyone in need even if they were not of my kind. I obeyed the laws and never used the workplace to vent my opinions.

There are millions of us out there – those pissed off at what we see but feeling helpless and frustrated at the thought of being unable to do anything about it. This rage is building otherwise there wouldn't be such a wide clamor to be entertained so that our minds are distracted. If the battle was indeed over, then those jews who tell us so, would have no need for their snide remarks. If the jews who control the mass media were convinced that they had it "in the bag", you wouldn't be seeing the WW II "holocaust" baloney over, and over, and over again. If the joy of race-mixing was really a fact, then it would not be necessary to convince you of it. There would be no "voting with your feet" – white flight. If the blacks were really that good, it would not be necessary to fill the TV programs which fables about their great achievements. No, my comrade, the battle is just beginning and they know it. Surrender is what they want and they have been getting it in small pieces up to now. As the country begins to shake, rattle and slowly fall apart, changes will be taking place at an accelerating pace. It will not be a  time for lone wolves.

How can the negro be descended from the ape when no ape possesses the hair structure found on negroes? Negro hair has no cortex as does the hair of all simians plus white and yellow people. Is it that the negro was the forbidden fruit of Genesis? And that he is a special creature devised to test the mettle of God's humans? Don't ask your local preacher for he is probably a Marxist and a yidophile.
My email is varied. The four-letter word insults have been dropping off. I guess this is becoming a kinder, more gentle country. I still get the usual newspaper clippings relating how blonde girls prefer to bed down with AIDS apes. These are usually from gloating jews. There are some complimentary remarks but I was caused to pause over one fellow who commented upon an encounter at the post office. He complimented a woman on her good looking white child and he said he received a battery of hate-filled stares. He uttered a forbidden word, 'white'. I found this interesting. Apparently praising white people is now politically incorrect. Why do whites appear to hate themselves?

The U.S. suffered a tremendous genetic loss from the Civil War. Although the female population was not harmed to any extent, nearly 10-18 percent of the best genes were destroyed. WW I and WW II added to America's loss and it devastated probably the best modern white stock – the Germans. Many of the women were killed during the homicidal 'carpet bombing' of the civilian population – don't be misled for WW II was about killing civilians – which eliminated a good share of the female stock. When this is added to the widespread rape by the Mongolian and Slavic hordes of the Soviet Union, another portion of the great German female genes went down the sewer. (Every cattle, and horse, breeder knows that if its prime female stock is bred with inferior male stock, then the female is forever ruined for further superior breeding. The inferior sperm is absorbed into the female body and thus causes a detrimental overall effect upon that female. The next time to run into a white woman who has had a mulatto child, and then another by a white man, look at his child and see how it is tainted.) With the already heavy load of mestizo blood in the American population, we have arrived at a point where some doubt if there's enough white blood left to effect any return to a white society. Wars always leave the genetically inferior safe behind the lines where they breed.

Once superior male stock is on the wane, those remaining lack in the mental attribute called will. Thus the urge of the crotch ascends even against better judgment. Men, no longer motivated by honor and a drive toward that which represents improvement, develop a sex fixation which is noticed by the female. The female thus achieves, by default, a superior power of selection. This pushes what are called 'men' to relinquish their more stalwart positions and start the downward slide of condescending to appease their gonads. With a new power bestowed, women then exhibit a less disciplined approach to that which has always been their hallmark – the urge to come to the assistance of the helpless. Anyone with eyes to see can immediately describe several instances where unbridled women neglect their superior children in order to lavish their attention on that which is the more useless. Thus, we see women more eager to help the crippled, botched, stupid, ugly, and whatever, in preference to the beautiful, intelligent and healthy. The man stands aside without objection because his mind has long since abandoned the role of family leader.

Isn't it the woman who usually looks for the abortionist's table? Isn't it the woman who drugs herself so that her milk supply is stopped, thus harming both herself and her child? Isn't it the woman who looks toward the day she can dump her offspring into a disease-care commune? Isn't it the woman who loves all of that Marxist drivel? Doesn't most of the "emotional abuse" she "suffers" result from her refusal to accept her husband as head of the household?

Women are running wild and without a spiritual partnership with her husband, the kids also run wild. The young are turning to drugs by the score and committing suicide by the score yet these indicators are simply ignored. The brain dead think a few hot-air counseling sessions and the spending of a few more ZOGbucks will make everything better. The male no longer is a man and the females no longer women. Do you really think substantial offspring could result? Or that a nation so afflicted can long stand?

Eric thinks that biologically, America is too down-bred to recover. I am a little more optimistic since there is still a sizable portion of white men in this country. As the noose continues to tighten, we shall see.

One of the newspapers of a large city stated that 26 of the 29 districts voted to increase their taxes by agreeing to expenditures for more school busses, gymnasiums and computers. These are the same people who are complaining about high taxes. The dysfunctional American dodo never gets the connection.

The same idiots vote for a foreign policy which blocks countries such as Libya and Iraq from selling oil on the world market, thus driving prices up. Then they bitch about high oil prices.

As the population increases, so does the increase in carbon dioxide – breathing, you know. At the same time, we destroy trees by the millions – those wonderful entities which account for much of the reduction of carbon dioxide.

Conserve energy? Hell, isn't it part of the American dream to use as much energy as possible?

Closure? This is a nitwit's word meaning that when Mr. McVeigh dies, the whole episode will be put to bed. Ha. Ha. Ha. How can this be, since thousands have their annual sob fests, wallowing in self-pity, each time the Murrah anniversary rolls around?

Why would any sane person want to "save" such people?

Suppose Mestizobush borrows a magic wand from his jew speech writer and waves it while mumbling the magic words, "Bagel, bagel on the wall, make our generators 666 feet tall." With a flick of the wand, every white man's power plant hextuples its output. There is now energy for all! Praise the bagel! The human garbage dump sings in diverse harmony.

The air conditioners hum, and people can plug in 6 more computers and an equal number of 6 foot screen TVs. All's well with the American delusion.

The asian and mexican invasion proceeds and the welfare roles increase. We feed and they breed. Alas, the population has grown and there's not enough power to go around. Another power shortage looms.

An I.Q. question: What's wrong with this picture?

You might take pride in belonging to the White Nation, but will it be proud of having you as a member?
Remember that Groucho Marx once said," I'd never want to belong to a club which would have me as a member."
You are either a credit, or a discredit, to your Nation. Your behavior advertises what you are to the world.
A political soldier knows when to hold his fire.
He never panics nor indulges his emotions. He looks at the big picture and knows more effort will be needed later on. He works for the interests of his own kind even when they appear not to appreciate them. Protecting one's own kind is partially an act of self-interest since it is only they would will ever help you. An alone white man is a dead white man. A political soldier knows he is "doing something" when he reduces his economic debt and avoids breaking the law. He manages his life so that he has free time and this time should be free of rap-crap and all the other omnipresent non-white influences. Gradually he will meet other whites who are doing the same thing and then the zone of freedom can be enlarged. He must always be prepared for no one knows when, nor whom, the fates will assign a task. The masses can never be reached by "spreading the word". There has never been one historical case where this was so. Only events wake up the herd and when they wake up, someone must be there to seize the reigns of leadership. In the meantime, let the great unwashed do the work for you – let them riot when the power goes down. Let them perform all of the illegal acts and thus make your position stronger. Do not oppose ZOG for it is doing a better job of alienating white people than could any so-called white organization. ZOG will soon teach people more about electricity shortages than could any destruction of a power plant. Read, study and learn all you can. Read the enemy's periodicals to learn what they are up to. Don't waste your time with academic debates nor bother with college newspapers for they are 100% red and kosher. Forget your congressman and talk show hosts. They are all prostitutes and whores have never been of any value beyond what they do best. Improve yourself and become a white man other white people can respect and trust. Make sure you do not forget those who are your enemies – those who work against the interests of your white nation – for that knowledge will be called upon when accounts must be settled. Keep your powder dry and above all – be patient. The winds of change are becoming more brisk.

Do not be a 'lone wolf'. ZOG loves lone wolves. ZOG knows more about political warfare that do we. We must learn that ZOG hates organizations and that's why all pro-white organizations come under fire. If they don't, then they should be questioned. An organization must, for the present, be one of kindredness, a spirituality, so to speak – nothing formal nor in writing. A man alone is not an effective man. Know that friendship has always been a very small unit. Strive to have personal, and informal, meetings where events may be discussed. Be wary of the "girl friend" hazard. These meetings should not be conducted in an atmosphere of "party time". A large percent of females are not idealistic and adopt whatever political views her partner has at the time. If she is rubbed the wrong way, a 180 degree turn could be expected. I am not condemning all women, but once sex enters a political activity, disaster always follows. The newspapers are full of any proof you may need. Be a comrade. Be patient. Keep your powder dry. This cosmic war is not a computer game and many drones will soon learn.

I noticed that a tiny sticker on the Sunoco pump read "10 percent ethanol". That's grain alcohol. They raised the price of gasoline and then started adding an ingredient which, as 10%, lowers the power output of the fuel by 8 percent. Grain alcohol is chemically partially oxidized and that's why the "alky burners" of the drag racing circuit in the 1950s, had to run over-sized jets in the carburetors. Moreover, what used to be "tractor fuel" – 94 octane – in the 1950s, is now "super premium" today. The real leadfoots of my generation had the choice of 102 octane from either Sunoco or Amoco. That's progress.

While speaking of chemistry, I hauled my old high school book from the shelf where it was collecting dust. The first 26 chapters covered the ordinary stuff about elements, their similarities and differences, plus real live experiments where you could  see it all first hand. The next 24 chapters covered such interesting topics as flour, baking, dyeing of cloth, soaps, fuels, textiles, paint, paper and ink, leather and tanning, sanitation, medicines, poisons, explosives and poison gases. In other words, this was down-to-earth useable chemistry – as it should be. What do we have today? "Concepts" where the kiddies are presented with abstract stuff such as orbitals and electron spins, plus endless hours supposedly learning absolutely worthless material. Some of today's student have never seen bromine or sodium or even watching the cold beauty of iodine sublimating. We prepared sweet smelling fruity esters and foul stuff such as mercaptans which would put a skunk to shame. We made rockets and exploded things all over the place without ever one injury. When an aroma penetrated the school auditorium during an assembly, the entire 960 student body knew that Frenz and Steele were up to no good in the laboratory. Air-headed, hysterical, moms we never had and dads always smiled as such mischief.

It is my contention that ZOG has installed a deliberate policy to keep the young ignorant beyond belief. They teach cotton candy material which requires little more than memory to "learn" and then let most everyone get "A"s, so they feel that they accomplished something. It's merely cradle rocking baloney which keeps people dependent upon a privileged class for information and direction. When I showed a soccer mom the 6th grade arithmetic text used in 1898, she accused me of printing the book myself in order to support a lie. That's a woman ZOG loves.

We must remember than many people fear freedom because freedom means responsibility and accountability for one's own actions. Sounds like Hell, doesn't it? No Big Brother god to bail your stupid ass out and no one to blame but yourself.